Worst/Best Time to Visit Africa: An Ultimate Month By Month Guide

Worst/Best Time to Visit Africa: An Ultimate Month By Month and Country By Country Guide – According to Experts

When is the worst/best time to visit Africa month by month and country by country According to Experts? That depends on your itinerary, the season, and whether or not you plan to see the “big five” animals. The perfect African vacation can be planned with the help of this overview of Africa’s top tourist spots.

In the drier winter months of May–September, vegetation thins out and wildlife congregates around surviving water sources, making this the best to visit Africa. This is the optimum time to visit the massive southern wildlife reserves.

However, Africa is a great vacation spot any time of year because different parts of the continent enjoy distinctly different temperatures.

From November through April, you may enjoy lush foliage, excellent birdwatching, and typically lower rates. Even though it rains heavily in certain places, this is a great season to visit Victoria Falls, go scuba diving in Zanzibar, or go chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda.

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Best time to Visit Africa

A Month By Month Guide: Worst/Best time to visit Africa

Visiting Africa in January

In the southeast of the Serengeti, the migrating herds give birth in January, making it a busy yet exciting time to visit. You can take advantage of over 450 different species of birds in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. In Swakopmund, you might also observe thousands of flamingos congregating on lagoons. January in Zanzibar is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling due to the clear, quiet waters.


Visiting Africa in February

Victoria Falls is at full force, with water crashing over the edge and into the gorge below, despite the fact that it is the rainy season in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Migratory birds are in plenty across the rest of Zambia right now. Meanwhile, this is a great time to visit Uganda and embark on a safari in search of chimpanzees and mountain gorillas.

GORILLA Trekking Uganda ????

Visiting Africa in March

Wet weather can make travel difficult in many parts of Africa during the month of March. Precipitation is expected soon in Tanzania, and the humidity levels are rising. It’s still a great time to see wildlife, as migratory birds arrive by the millions, and the camps are calm and have great deals.

Birds of Tanzania

Visiting Africa in April

Male antelope in Botswana and Malawi are displaying their dominance during the breeding season by strutting and butting heads with one another. The best time to see chimpanzees in Rwanda is in the late summer and early fall, when fruit is ripe and the primates descend to the lower branches to feed. Clear, calm water and excellent visibility make this a perfect time for scuba diving in Mozambique.

Trekking in Rwanda Part 1 | Chimpanzees & The Epic Suspension Bridge in Nyungwe National Park

Visiting Africa in May

The dry season in Southern Africa begins in May. Grass is drying up, so herds are moving from pastures to wetland areas, making this a great time to visit. This makes their movements and the locations of the predators they attract more predictable. But the busiest times and highest prices are still a ways off. The weather in Mozambique is perfect for sightseeing right now, and the same goes for Egypt and Morocco.

Mozambique Safari

Visiting Africa in June

It’s the middle of winter in Southern Africa, so the days will be warm and the nights will be cool. Game becomes more visible as the foliage dries up and water holes decrease in size in Botswana and Uganda. Meanwhile, the pumped waterholes of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and the Niassa Game Reserve in northern Mozambique attract a wide variety of animals that are perfect subjects for wildlife photographers.

ZIMBABWE AFRICA *LUXURY* SAFARI | elephants swimming + shocking footage you don’t want to miss!!

Visiting Africa in July

As humpback whales make their annual migration along the coast, game in the game reserves congregates near waterholes, making for excellent whale and game watching. Elephants begin to congregate in Tarangire, Tanzania, and cruising is available on the Lower Zambezi in Zambia, while the Great Migration groups are typically found in the northern Serengeti as they head into Kenya.

Crazy Great Migration Mara River Crossing in Serengeti – Tanzania Safari

Visiting Africa in August

Large herds of wildebeest and zebra are converging on the Masai Mara in Kenya as the Great Migration nears its peak. If you’re looking to combine a walking safari with a trip to Victoria Falls, look no further than Zambia. Lake Malawi, where the water is calm and the weather is warm, is another great destination right now.


Visiting Africa in September

Tarangire, in Tanzania, is known for its large annual elephant gatherings. Northern parks tend to be more crowded than their southern counterparts. Low humidity and comfortable temps make this a fantastic time to explore Namibia. Thousands of carmine bee-eaters migrate to Zambia’s riverbanks to nest, and Mozambique is a top destination for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Tarangire National Park “Land of Elephants”

Visiting Africa in October

The eland, the largest antelope in the world, often congregates in the hundreds for the breeding season in Malawi’s Nyika National Park. The end of the dry season is prime time for seeing animals in Mozambique. The fossa, a predatory creature like a cat, can be seen in the western deciduous woods of Madagascar at this time of year.

Nyika National Park – Malawi

Visiting Africa in November

Since nightly rains reduce tourist numbers, now is an excellent time to take advantage of Tanzania’s off-season rates. From Kenya, migrating herds begin their journey south, and river crossings are common sights in the northern Serengeti. Despite the presence of both native and transient bird species, this is a peaceful time to go birdwatching in Zimbabwe’s parks.

Wildebeest crossings, River Mara, Northern Serengeti. migration

Visiting Africa in December

Plan ahead to assure availability in Tanzania and South Africa throughout the holiday season. Short rains and the potential to witness baby animals and migratory bird species make December a wonderful time to visit Kenya. Crocodile eggs begin to hatch in Malawi, and new moms carry their babies in their mouths to the riverbank.

Masai Mara | The Safari of a LIFETIME!

A Handy Climate Guide Country By Country

The best time to visit Africa depends on the countries you want to visit, the time of the year, and if you are keen on going on one of the big five Africa safaris. Here is an overview of Africa destinations to help you plan the perfect African tours.

Best time to Visit Botswana

The dry months of June through October in Botswana are prime time for seeing wildlife. Temperatures in October can reach 40 degrees Celsius during the day, but can fall to below 10 degrees Celsius at night. April and May are also good times to go on safari in Botswana, however you should be prepared for some rain.

  • Best time to visit: June to October
  • Watch out: Nights can be cold and chilly during the peak season, especially in the drier areas

The Best Time to Visit Botswana

Best time to Visit Kenya

The months of June through October and the second half of December through March are ideal for visiting Kenya. In general, the country receives the heaviest deluge of precipitation between April and June, with lighter downpours in November and December. However, you can visit Kenya at any time of year because different regions of the country are accessible at different times.

  • Best time to visit: July to October
  • Watch out: Expect chilly weather conditions in higher altitudes

The Best Time to Visit Kenya

Best time to Visit Malawi

Summer, winter, and the rainy season each have their own unique climate in Malawi. Malawi has moderate temperatures from May to July, but hot weather in August and September. From the end of September through the beginning of April, Malawi’s roads are in bad condition due to heavy rainfall. With mild temperatures year-round, the best time to visit Malawi is from May through August or September.

  • Best time to visit: June to August
  • Watch out: Days are warm and cloudless but nights can be cold

Malawi Travel Guide

Best time to Visit Mauritius

The climate in Mauritius is consistently warm and sunny throughout the year. Vacations on Mauritius’ beaches can be enjoyed at any time of the year, however January and February are more likely to see severe weather. Due to its position in the southern hemisphere, the country enjoys dry, relatively humidity-free weather from May through November.

  • Best time to visit: September to January
  • Watch out: The summer months typically get heavy rainfall with occasional thunderstorms

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Best time to Visit Morocco

From October through February, the climate in Morocco is highly variable, with some years seeing mild winters and others experiencing wet and chilly ones. The months of April, May, October, and early November offer the most pleasant temperatures in Morocco.

  • Best time to visit: September and October
  • Watch out: October is a busy month for tourism so please confirm your travel plans much in advance

Best Time to Visit Morocco

Best time to Visit Mozambique

The dry and wet seasons in Mozambique are just as diverse as they are anywhere else. April through September is the best season to visit Mozambique because of the dry weather. It can get very hot and humid during the rainy season if you venture inland or to the south.

  • Best time to visit: June to October
  • Watch out:Due to strong winds in August, visibility can be poor in some areas

Seasons in Mozambique: Temperature and Climate by Month

Best time to Visit Namibia

Namibia enjoys 365 days of sunshine every year. Since Namibia is located in the southern hemisphere, the dry winter months may be rather chilly, with temperatures frequently falling below freezing. Safaris in Namibia are at their finest from June through October.

  • Best time to visit: April to June
  • Watch out: By the end of June, temperatures as well as the amount of greenery begin to decrease steadily


Best time to Visit Uganda

Although Uganda can be visited at any time of year, the dry seasons are typically preferred. Gorilla trekking is ideal throughout these months as well. Although the majority of Uganda experiences a tropical climate, local variations do exist; for example, the higher elevations of Mount Elgon and the Ruwenzori Range can experience temperatures well below freezing.

  • Long wet season: April – June
  • Short rainy season: October – December
  • Drying time: June – October, December – March.

The Best time to travel to Uganda.

Best time to Visit Rwanda

Rwanda’s high altitude makes for a cooler climate despite the country’s close proximity to the Equator. The mountains are cooler, but it’s warm across the country. Daily highs in Rwanda average around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a nice year-round destination. Depending on altitude, daytime highs can reach the 80s Fahrenheit and overnight lows can drop into the 60s. In the upper elevations, frost is to be expected.
The climate in Rwanda is characterized by the following seasons:

  • Long rains: March – May
  • Long drying time: May – October
  • Short rains: October – December
  • Short drying time: December – March


Best time to Visit Seychelles

The winds that pass through Seychelles are mostly responsible for its weather. during October and March, the North-West trade winds provide hot and humid weather, while during January and February, the country receives a lot of rain. The best time to visit Seychelles is from May through October, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal.

  • Best time to visit: May to October
  • Watch out: These are the busiest months for tourism in Seychelles

The best time to visit the Seychelles

Best time to South Africa

Because of the wide range in local climates, the best time to visit South Africa is contextual. South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, hence its seasons are the exact opposite of ours. Although August through October (Spring) is prime time for safaris in South Africa, the country is welcoming visitors at all times of the year. Mid-December through mid-January and Easter are peak travel times for domestic visitors, as they coincide with school breaks. As a result, major tourist hotspots in South Africa should be avoided for the time being.

  • Best time to visit: May to October in the north and eastern parts; October to November and February to March in the Southern Cape region
  • Watch out: Between May to August in the north and eastern parts, expect cool and dry weather with temperatures dipping below -12°C at night.

Best Time To Visit or Travel to Cape Town, South Africa

Best time to Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a fantastic travel destination any time of the year, so before you book your trip, think about what you hope to get out of your time there. April and May are the worst months to visit Tanzania because of the heavy rainfall.

  • Best time to visit: July to October
  • Watch out: It can get quite cold in the higher altitudes


Best time to Visit Zambia

May through August, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal, are the ideal months to visit Zambia. It’s the best time of year to watch sports because the weather is moderate. Temperatures in Zambia can reach 40 degrees Celsius during the hot and dry season; nonetheless, this is the best time of year to go on safari. The wet season may be inconvenient for travel, but it’s prime time for spotting migratory birds in their natural habitats.

  • Best time to visit: June to August
  • Watch out: While the days are warm and cloudless, nights can be chilly!

Best time to visit Victoria Falls in Zambia

Best time to Visit Zimbabwe

Between May through August, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal, is the ideal season to visit Zimbabwe. The daytime highs average approximately 20 degrees Celsius, while the nighttime lows are typically in the teens. Temperatures can plummet to near freezing in Zimbabwe’s mountainous regions. It is also peak safari season in Zimbabwe during these months.

  • Best time to visit: June to August
  • Watch out: Pack warm winter clothes for morning game drives since temperatures can dip as low as 6°C

ZIMBABWE AFRICA *LUXURY* SAFARI | elephants swimming + shocking footage you don’t want to miss!!

Best Time to Visit the Victoria Falls

From February to May, right after the summer rains, is when the world’s largest sheet of falling water, Victoria Falls, is at its most impressive. The spray from Victoria Falls is spectacular, but the best time to see it is not when safaris are most popular in adjacent Chobe, Botswana, or Hwange, Zimbabwe. When the water is at its highest and fastest, it is also too risky to attempt activities like swimming in Devil’s Pool or certain portions of white-water rapids.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Best time to visit March / April. See the falls at their peak

Best Time For An African Safari

From September to December, the continent-wide dry and warm weather is perfect for safari tours in the southwest, Cape area tourism, and experiences in East Africa.

This is also prime season for seeing wildlife in the vast stretches of wilderness that reach from west to east. These months are ideal for wildlife photography in Southern Africa since they coincide with the time when the continent’s grand animal migrations take place.

In the national parks of Southern Africa, you have a good chance of seeing newborn animals. Traveling to Africa between September and December is an excellent time to see a wide variety of animals and people.

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