Best Places to Visit in Africa for 2024 Country By Country

Best Luxury Places to Visit in Africa for 2024 Country By Country for first timers, with family, for safari, for honeymoon, for holiday, for wildlife and gorilla trekking.

Floating down a papyrus-lined canal with only a mokoro canoe between me and the water lilies, I’m awed by this untamed location. I can feel the coolness of the water engulfing my fingers as they trail after us, and the sound of birds serves as a punctuation to the gentle rhythm of the pole as it dips in and out of the transparent water. I’m right in the middle of the wonderful Okavango Delta, one of the most beautiful places in all of Africa.

There are many places that have sparked my imagination and creativity, but none can compare to the continent where I was born. Here are my choices for Africa’s top most awe-inspiring places.

But for first-time visitors wondering exactly where to go, the highlights below stand out as perhaps the best places to visit in Africa.

Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is a vast continent with several fascinating places to visit. The Masai Mara people of Kenya, the Serengeti grasslands, and a tropical island can all be experienced on a tour across Africa. Africa is a lovely and varied continent with almost endless possibilities for adventure. Include as many of the destinations on this list as your time and budget will allow on your next trip to Africa.

10 Best Countries to Visit in Africa – Travel Video

Best Places to Visit in Africa in 2024 country by country

Not every tourist thinks to visit Africa, but those who do will be rewarded with a fascinating mix of ancient and modern, wild and urban, and East and West. Choosing your travel destination on the second largest continent can be challenging, with options ranging from the coastal splendor of Cape Town to the wildlife reserves of Tanzania. U.S. News has selected the best places to visit in Africa based on factors such as ease of travel, cost, and entertainment options, as well as reader ratings and travel professionals’ recommendations. Vote for your favorite travel destinations of the year below to help us pick them for next year’s list.