Uganda Facts, Religion, Currency, Language, People, Map, Population

Uganda Facts, Religion, Currency, Language, People, Map, Population. An online travel guide to Uganda, a country in Eastern Africa that straddles the equator and has a coastline on Lake Victoria. Its northern neighbor is South Sudan, its western neighbor is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, its eastern neighbor is Kenya, and its southern neighbors are Rwanda and Tanzania.

Uganda’s total land area is 241,551 km2, making it somewhat smaller in size than the United Kingdom or the state of Oregon in the United States.

Mount Stanley, part of the Rwenzori range in Rwenzori National Park, is the highest peak in the country at 5,110 meters, and is home to Margherita Peak.

With a total of 34,8 million souls, Uganda is only surpassed in population by Ethiopia, the other landlocked country in the top two. Kampala is the largest city and the capital. English (the official language), Luganda (a major language in Uganda), Swahili, and many native languages are all often spoken.

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Uganda at a glance

CAPITAL CITY: Kampala (population 1.507 million)
LANGUAGE: Swahili, English, Luganda
ELECTRICITY: Type G (Irish/British 3-pin)
POPULATION: 45.85 million
TIME ZONE: (GMT+03:00) Nairobi

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