All-inclusive Overland Safaris in Africa + Destinations

Our guided tours fall into two types: scheduled tours and overland safaris in Africa. Deciding between the two depends on how much time you have, which African destinations you would like to experience and how much comfort you want.

Africa’s iconic locations, from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro, and the Rwenzori Mountains are now reachable on the most cost-effective of expenditures. Group travel trips provide the best value for your money by forgoing exclusivity, allowing you to see all of Africa’s splendor while being looked after by knowledgeable tour operators.

Tailor-make your Overland Safaris in Africa

Plan well and choose your expert carefully, and Africa’s treasury of bucket list experiences will reward you more richly than you can imagine. Here is my guide to the Top Overland Safaris in Africa.

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Our Overland Safaris in Africa might interest you

View some of our favorite overland adventure tours below for ideas, then get in touch to begin planning your own. These are only a few examples; we’ll work with you to plan an overland tour tailored specifically for your group, no matter where you wish to go or what your shared interests are.

Kenya Luxury safari honeymoon package from Nairobi

This 6 Days Kenya Safari will take you on a boat ride in Lake Baringo, as well as a 3-4 hour hike to the south end of Lake Bogoria to see the flamingos and hot springs.


As with all of our bespoke Africa Safaris, you can customize this 13 Days Kenya Safari and Seychelles Honeymoon to suit your tastes. Contact us for a customized itinerary proposal.

Mountain Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

This Luxury 13 Days Honeymoon Tanzania and Rwanda Safari has all the ingredients required to create a Romantic Safari masterpiece. Serengeti Safari and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

This Classic 8 Days Tanzania Safari delivers the perfect East African experience for honeymooners and first-time safari travelers.

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Responsible travel and Vacations are part of Kabira Safaris‘ DNA. Since the beginning, we’ve strived to work with local people and businesses in our destinations. We believe that this not only gives you the finest experience possible, but it also benefits nearby communities. Locals are therefore driven to protect whatever attracts tourists, be it their culture, fauna, or environment. In contrast, we actively steer clear of “tourist traps.” Responsible Travel Policy.

Overland Adventure Tours in Africa

Overland adventure tours provide the most authentic way to explore Africa, building on the history of the original “Africa by truck” pioneers. You’ll muck in as it used to be while traveling in a specially customized vehicle, taking turns buying and cooking, and erecting tents if you’re camping. But since their inception, overland journeys in Africa have advanced significantly. Several trips may now be accommodated, and you can count on comfortable, modern vehicles with all the latest amenities, including refrigerators and sound systems, as well as a two- or three-person crew.

Additionally, you may anticipate a more genuine encounter with the people and the camaraderie of your fellow travelers around the campfire. You have a good chance of making friends for life if you travel by land.

Combine your overland journey with another African adventure; Going on an Overland adventure might be a dream holiday, but there are plenty of other great things to see and do in Africa too. You can climb Mt Kilimanjaro, and Rwenzori explores the lush rainforests of Uganda, and Rwanda, or go on a Wildebeest migration through Kenya and Tanzania. Make your Overland adventure part of an even bigger Africa holiday on any of the trips below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Overland Safaris in Africa

Scheduled tours

Small-group trips that are scheduled are led by a driver/guide who speaks English. Popular in South Africa and the East African reserves, they provide traditional safaris and beach vacations in the ideal locations and give tourists the most cost-effective way to see everything from the wildebeest migration to whale watching. Depending on the tour, you may relax in a comfortable touring vehicle, a safari minibus with a pop-up roof, or a specially modified 4×4. Comfortable lodges, midscale hotels, and safari camps will serve as your lodging options. Ideal for people who have never been on a safari or who are short on time and money. Learn More

What crew will accompany me on an Overland tour?

Threes are a lucky number, right? On the majority of Overland safaris in Africa, a crew of three consists of a local guide, a driver, and a cook. The leader’s job is to plan the logistics, keep you safe, and make sure everything goes according to plan. Our African leaders, many of whom are from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa, are passionate about their home countries, have a deep understanding of their destinations, and are not guided in the classic sense. In some instances, we may also employ knowledgeable local guides to give you a richer understanding of a location, particularly when locating and recognizing wildlife.

The cook’s responsibilities include grocery shopping, meal planning, and making sure everyone maintains a good level of sanitation. The truck’s upkeep and safe transportation from point A to point B is your driver’s responsibilities. The leader, driver, and cook frequently feel like new friends by the time the trip is over.

What’s the group size?

You will be a part of a group of no more than 10 to 20 individuals from various ages, countries, and occupations. Overland travel is all about exchanging experiences with other globetrotters who share similar interests. On some of our lengthier combination trips, your crew and group might switch around midway. It frequently happens that you will spend a lot of time together and meet new people.

What are drive days like?

African Overland safaris & tours entail spending a lot of time traveling over distances and beginning numerous early mornings. Despite taking frequent breaks, on certain days we’ll drive for five, six, or even nine hours straight. While watching the varied landscapes and local village life pass by just outside your window is one of the wonderful things about Overlanding, not all travelers are comfortable with so much driving. Drive times can vary by hours due to changes in weather, traffic, and road conditions, as well as unforeseen border and national park closures, so it’s vital to be open-minded and somewhat flexible. One of our destination-based short break experiences might be a better fit for you if you’re the type of traveler who prefers a rigid schedule.

How do game drives work?

The focus of the majority of Africa Overland tours is animal viewing. We frequently spend a few days in each national park, which gives us plenty of chances to see a variety of creatures. You’ll often go on two game drives each day on these days—one in the morning when wildlife is most active, and another in the early afternoon, right after lunch. Game drives frequently last 2-4 hours.

Occasionally, like in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda we do utilize open-roof 4×4 safari vehicles, but the majority of our game drives are done in the Overland truck, which is designed specifically for safe wildlife viewing with large sliding windows. The driver will halt the vehicle when we see an animal, allowing you to exit your seat and explore the truck’s inside.

The distinction between an African safari and a David Attenborough documentary must be made. There is no guarantee that you will see all five of the “Big Five,” and we never go from the designated paths in order to gain a closer look at a particular species. Wildlife comes to us when we are in their zone. Whatever occurs, you’re certain to encounter some truly mind-blowing things.

Am I expected to help out with tasks on the road?

You work as a team on most Overland tours rather than merely as a passenger. You may be divided into smaller groups by your leader, who will also create a daily roster. Then, although it’s not difficult to work, you’ll alternate helping out with activities like cooking, shopping, cleaning the truck, and more. It’s all part of the fun, so please come prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

How do meals work?

Breakfasts and the majority of meals and supper are provided when camping. While you may occasionally be asked to assist with basic cooking tasks like slicing vegetables and making dough, the cook is in charge of overseeing all dinner preparations. Your crew will gather up local foods along the journey to prepare tasty yet straightforward meals. We also mix in some regional specialties with the pasta or barbecue that we serve for dinner. Breakfasts frequently consist of bread, spreads, eggs, and tea or coffee, while lunch typically consists of a sandwich and some fruit; occasionally, if we’re going to be on a game drive all day, you’ll need to bring a lunch. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions you may have at the time of booking, and please remind your crew of them at the welcome briefing.

On days when we’re driving, we’ll typically stop at a market or shopping center so you can stock up on supplies and snacks. We frequently bring an esky with ice while visiting national parks for a few days so that you can buy some local beers or South African wine to sip by the campfire. We provide clean, filtered water to fill up your drink bottle every morning. Meals are not provided when staying in hotels, but your guide will suggest several reasonably priced and delectable neighborhood eateries.

How do the itineraries operate?

While we try to follow to the schedules, overland travel can be unpredictable, especially in secluded areas of Africa. Your trip’s progress may be impacted by closed roads, bad weather, or mechanical problems. There are numerous other time-tested paths we can pursue in certain circumstances. Enjoying your experience requires an open mind and flexibility.

The schedule includes a variety of optional activities, including walking safaris, hot air balloon excursions, and bike rides. Please be aware that these are dependent on availability and that the given prices are only estimates. If you want to know more, ask your leader.

How do I pack for an Overland trip?

It’s best to bring as little as possible before Overlanding. While you won’t have to carry your bag far, you will need to assist in loading and unloading it from the vehicle. Your primary luggage will often be kept in a personal locker at the back of the truck, although occasionally, items are kept together in a single public compartment. In either instance, a backpack or duffel bag is strongly advised over a hard-framed suitcase. Keep your bag inside the standard locker measurements of 26 inches in length, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches high, and make sure it doesn’t weigh more than 20 kg.

Additionally, you’ll require a daypack to house your water bottle, camera, and other personal belongings (this is stored at your feet or in the overhead shelf of the truck). When we stop at supermarkets along the road, you can fill up on necessities like toilet paper, soap, batteries, and a little lock for your locker.

Your destination and the time of year will determine the clothing and equipment needed. Layers are usually a good idea because it can get cold at night even in the summer, especially when camping. Bring sturdy, comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting muddy since that’s what will happen. You’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, though we’ll provide the minimum ground mat and camping supplies. Check the Essential Trip Information for further details on what to pack.

What should I know about health?

You must be at least somewhat fit in order to participate completely in an Africa Overland tour. Overland travel can be physically demanding due to long journey days, hot, dusty weather, and rough roads. You must be physically fit to assist with camp duties and to climb the truck steps 8–10 times per day. Please carefully review the physical rating on our website to select a tour that is appropriate for your level of fitness.

We won’t have fast access to doctors or medical facilities in some of the more remote regions of Africa, so it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to see if any existing medical conditions will prevent you from taking part in the trip. As soon as you’ve made your travel arrangements, schedule a visit with a travel physician because you’ll also need to get a few shots. For more details on health, refer to the Pre-Trip Information.

How do visas and border crossings work?

On many of our Overland safaris in Africa, visas are needed for admission into the nations. Some are best acquired just before you go from your house, while others can be acquired en route. Although we are pleased to assist with any inquiries, it is the individual traveler’s obligation to obtain the necessary visas. Check the relevant consular websites for the most recent information related to your nationality as entry criteria are subject to change at any time. It’s ideal to apply as soon as you’ve made your travel arrangements because visas can take several weeks to process.

There’s no need to be anxious because your leader will walk you through the entire procedure of crossing the border between nations, explain what you need to do, and calm your fears. You might also need to provide confirmation of your Yellow Fever immunization, so be sure to bring it as well as your passport (your doctor or nurse should give you a small booklet following the immunization). You will frequently want cash if you are acquiring a visa at the border (in the local currency or in USD). All of this information may be provided to you on the ground by your commander, ensuring that you are ready.

Inspiring African Overland Safari Destinations

Best African destinations for overland adventure tours;