Best Time to Visit Uganda to See Gorillas + Worst Time (Month by Month)

Best Time to Visit Uganda to See Gorillas + Worst Time (Month by Month). If you are hoping to go hiking in search of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, you should visit Uganda during one of its two dry seasons—December–February or June–August.

This time of year, along with February and March, is ideal for game viewing in national parks. Between the months of September and early October, waterholes often host a plethora of species.

Uganda is a year-round destination due to its mild climate, which seldom drops below 75°F and rarely rises over 86°F. At any time of year, the country is also a fantastic area to spot birds.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

No matter the season, trekking to observe chimpanzees and mountain gorillas is an unforgettable adventure. Traveling to Uganda in the summer, specifically from June to August, is highly recommended due to the improved road conditions and higher visibility, making it an ideal time for game viewing.

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Best Time to Visit Uganda

Month-by-month guide for traveling in Uganda

Visiting Uganda in January – February

Although rain is possible at any time of year in Uganda, the dry season is generally regarded as one of the top seasons to visit. At this time of year, wildlife viewing is at its best because fewer plants are in the way and many animals are out searching for waterholes. Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees can be seen during this trekking season, and migratory birds can be seen by bird watchers.

Visiting Uganda in March – May

Considered a wet season in Uganda. Animals give birth in parks because of the abundance of vegetation. Migratory birds can also be easily spotted during this time. The roads aren’t always in the best shape because of how often it rains heavily. Journeys will be more rocky as a result.

Visiting Uganda in June – August

Even though it’s still rainy season, this is one of the nicest seasons to visit Uganda because it’s the dry season. Due to the lack of foliage that blocks your view and the abundance of animals that congregate around waterholes, it is an ideal location for wildlife viewing. When trekking for chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, this is the best time to go.

Visiting Uganda in September – October

This is a great time to visit, albeit it might rain. Due to the persistently sparse vegetation and the persistence of animals in their search for waterholes, there are nevertheless fantastic opportunities to witness wildlife.

Visiting Uganda in November

The national parks see a gradual transformation from arid plains to verdant as a result of the frequent rain showers that fall throughout November, which is considered a wet season. Migratory birds can be seen more easily during this time.

Visiting Uganda in December

In December, you might get a little rain, but you’ll have a lot of chances to see animals. Additionally, many migratory birds can be seen, and trekkers have a better chance of seeing mountain gorillas and chimpanzees during this season.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

Understanding a complex climate

Typically, June through mid-September and December through February are the driest months in Uganda, making them ideal for wildlife viewing.

Uganda has a tropical climate that is comfortable all year round due to its location on the equator. Nevertheless, rainfall patterns can vary greatly among regions. For example, in western Uganda and the area surrounding Lake Victoria, it can rain at nearly any time of year. As a general rule, the wettest months are April to May and October to November.

From December to February or June to September, you have a considerably better chance of staying dry during primate trekking, especially for chimpanzees and gorillas.

It is better to visit Uganda during the driest months if you want to combine a traditional wildlife viewing safari with an ape walk; this makes Uganda unique. This is because animals tend to concentrate around the few remaining drinking spots when the weather remains continuously dry, which causes the seasonal pans and streams to dry up. At the same time, the plants are starting to die back, so you can see more of the game.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda – What Happens…

Experience Uganda’s best-kept secrets during the off-season

Many people avoid visiting in the off season because of the high probability of rain, but doing so means missing out on experiences that could make their vacation more memorable.

Low season costs on lodging and permits, together with the possibility of encountering less people, can be appealing in and of itself.

Mid-September through November and March through May are the best times to visit Uganda’s safari parks to see the grassy savannas and all the game, though it could be a bit tougher to spot.

Keep in mind that the gorillas and chimpanzees of Uganda live in rainforests, which can and frequently do get wetter than any other time of year.

You can view Uganda’s renowned avifauna at any time of year if you’re a good bird watcher, but you’ll have a better chance of seeing certain species during the rainier months because they’re more loud.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Everything You Need to Know

Uganda travel guides

As a verdant oasis in an otherwise arid continent, Uganda is home to chimpanzee hoots and verdant woods adorned with expansive tea plantations. If your vacation to Uganda is well-organized, you may be able to see mountain gorillas up close in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or hike through the Rwenzori Mountains, which are capped by glaciers.

If you are organizing a tailor-made vacation to Uganda, our travel guides will be an indispensable resource. Peruse the accounts of our experts and draw inspiration for your next journey.

Inspiring Uganda Itineraries

These itineraries highlight some of the best routes we’ve discovered in Uganda and are meant to give you a sense of what’s possible when you travel there.

Uganda Travel Advice

In Uganda, terrorism poses a danger. Many people have been killed and injured in recent incidents. Victims could be foreign nationals. Stay away from crowded places, such as places of worship and festivals celebrating many cultures and music. In response to terrorist incidents, Uganda has beefed up its security measures in public spaces. When you fly, be prepared for personal, vehicle, and bag inspections. Listen carefully to official advisories and take caution seriously.

Places to Visit in Uganda

Some of the world’s last remaining wild mountain gorillas call the thick, twisted bush of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest home. However, there are additional destinations in Uganda that offer an even greater variety of animals. During your personalized trip to Africa, our experts will utilize their extensive travel experience to advise you on the top destinations to see.

Things to Do in Uganda

As a home to several endangered primates, Uganda is a great spot to go monkey and chimpanzee tracking. One of the best things to do in Uganda is to go on a hike through the lush, varied foliage of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Kibale Forest National Park. Though it was no picnic, tracking down and studying these evasive animals was an unforgettable experience.