About Us | Bespoke African Safari Co. African Travel Expert

About Us | The Bespoke African Safari Co. African Travel Expert

The Bespoke African Safari Company was founded in 2018 with a single goal in mind: to redefine transformational and authentic travel throughout Africa through location expertise, local presence and support, and a dedicated team that cares.

Today, we are proud to have built a truly multicultural company with people from diverse backgrounds at every level, from our leadership team, which consists of eight people from five nationalities to our larger global management team, which consists of 20 people from equally diverse national and cultural backgrounds. Our The Bespoke African Safari Co. team is roughly evenly made up of great men and women from ten different nationalities operating in ten different African nations. What unifies us is our genuine love of travel.

Since we began our journey, the world has changed, but our mission has not: we enrich lives by sharing the joy of individualized travel in a passionate, ethical, and authentic manner.

We believe that travel opens our hearts and brains, allowing us to interact with people from all over the world and find beauty in their differences. We aspire to bring humanity together by sharing the wonderful delight of travel through the way we operate and the adventures we organize.


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We Don’t Just Love Africa, We Live Here

One of life’s most unforgettable adventures, an African safari is unlike any other since no two game drives are ever the same.

The diverse scenery, wildlife, and friendly locals of Africa, from the Serengeti’s vast plains to the Okavango Delta’s hidden canals, are what keep visitors coming back. Almost half of our customers are repeats or referrals.

Since 2018, we have made it a priority to visit each of the 1,000+ carefully selected safari partners we recommend to our clients. We spare no effort in researching and exploring every aspect of the places we suggest for you to visit, so that we can give you honest recommendations based on our own knowledge.

We take great satisfaction in being genuine specialists; between us, we spend well over a year’s worth of time on safari every year, so you can rest assured you’ll always have the experience of a lifetime. For the third year in a row, Condé Nast Traveler honored our team of specialists as Top Travel Specialists in their March 2023 issue. We are the only organization to have so many professionals recognized, as 11 of our own were ranked among Africa’s best.

Our whole staff of safari professionals, from Kampala – Arusha – Nairobi – Cape Town, was raised in Africa. We’ve spent our whole lives on game reserves, either as guides or employees, or as lodge owners and managers, so we know what it takes to make a safari in Africa truly unforgettable. we are The Bespoke African Safari Co.

If you book with us, we’ll be there for you from the very first conversation on, providing timely, expert advice and local insight from the correct time zone around the clock. We will assist you in planning the safari of your dreams, whether it be seeing the Big Five, following the Wildebeest Migration, spending time with endangered gorillas, or simply enjoying sundowner beverages on an endless grassland.

We are an African enterprise, so you can be assured that every cent you spend on your safari will remain on the continent. You are making an impact long after you leave by contributing to local economies and conservation efforts, ensuring that these unique sites will be preserved for future generations.

The Bespoke African Safari Co. is part of Nawiri Group, a B Corp Certified business that collaborates with ethical tour operators, African communities, and other industry leaders to create lasting change on the continent. Nawiri Group is dedicated to improving internationally significant natural ecosystems and the people who care for them by creating and generating nature-positive income streams. Learn the ins and outs of the Nawiri Group.

Not only do we have an abiding appreciation for the continent of Africa, but we also call it home.

You can read honest feedback from past customers in our Traveller Reviews section, and connect with other explorers through our social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and become a part of a global network of safari lovers. Check out our yearly African safari report if you’re curious in the state of the safari sector in Africa.

Our Vision

  • Amazing Guest Experiences
  • Brand Recognition
  • Simplicity and high performance
  • Positive Social Impact
  • Possibilities for Learning and Growth
  • Business Success

Our Mission

To offer carefully customized safari and tour packages meeting our clients expectations and beyond for unforgettable memories of the authentic African heritage.

The Bespoke African Safari Co’s Company Values

At the year’s conclusion, we set out on a mission to examine the foundations upon which The Bespoke African Safari Co. is built. We knew this was an important undertaking since it would help us realize our goal, establish our corporate culture, and reveal the kind of business we are.

We had company-wide seminars and discussions to come up with recurring themes, and from those we were able to distill our six guiding principles. These values now inform all aspect of our business, from hiring to operations, and ultimately shape how we interact with one another, our customers, and our partners.

We Care

We cannot function as a society without our people. Simply put, we care deeply about the well-being of our nation’s citizens. To provide the finest service to our customers, we place a high priority on our partnerships. When it comes to our guests, even the smallest of details is critical. Because of this, we work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of their time with us is unforgettable.

Without our Bespoke African Safari Co., partners and travellers we wouldn’t exist.

We Trust and are Trusted

We have been known for 5+ years as one of the best TOs in the country. We have faith in each other and our collaborators, and the numerous awards we’ve received in our field are proof of our excellence in delivery, expertise, and customer service. Tourists know they can rely on us.

We Go Above and Beyond

We never stop pushing ourselves to improve in order to provide the best possible service to our customers, who are our travelers.

We are Resilient

Nothing can break us.

We are resilient and strong enough to weather adversity, gain insight from it, and press on.

We Collaborate

At The Bespoke African Safari Co., we value our relationships with both our clients and other businesses. We adopt a personable approach and nurture each of our partnerships to guarantee the best quality output and equitable distribution of the fruits of our labor.

We Conserve

We have a vested interest in preserving Africa’s communities, animals, flora, and wildlife for future generations. Our love for Africa runs deep. It’s more than just a vacation spot; it’s where our hearts belong.

Corporate Information

Ownership: Private | Employees: 20 | Founded: 2018

Corporate Headquarters

  1. Old Entebbe Road – Kampala – P.O Box 102355 Uganda,
  2. Col. Middleton Rd, Arusha, Tanzania
  3. Kaunda Street, Nairobi – Kenya
  4. KN4 Avenue, Kigali – Rwanda