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The most Luxurious African Safari Lodges range from classic Big Five safari camps to sumptuous riverside retreats, the range of five-star African Luxury safari lodges, resorts, and Camps is nothing short of extraordinary. In no particular order, these are 100 of the continent’s best.

Our Trusted Luxurious African Safari Lodges

Some of the best chances in the world to see wildlife are in Africa. On a safari, the “Big Five“—the lion, elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, and the elusive leopard—take center stage, but it may also be fascinating and interesting to view the smaller, less famous species, such as impalas, zebras, and hyenas. Nothing compares to a safari that includes watching the Great Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara or Tanzania’s Serengeti. The Okavango Delta in Botswana and Kruger National Park in South Africa are two additional fantastic safari locations. It seems sense that the 100 most opulent safari lodges in Africa are all found in these regions.

The Most Luxurious Safari Lodges In Africa…

Luxurious African Safari Lodges: Country By Country

With no loss of its romance and adventure, African safari has advanced significantly in the last century from the dusty tents of explorers to luxurious eco-conscious resorts. While some tented camps today provide a whole new perspective on African aesthetics, authenticity, and luxury, others have totally revitalized the safari lodge. Many of them still reflect the grandeur and splendor of bygone days.

You can also see, do, and even taste a lot more; think of fly-in safaris, hot-air ballooning, glamping (glitzy camping), and modern gourmet dining. The knowledge that, as a visitor, you are essential to a sustainable and comprehensive conservation model enhances the whole experience together with cultural, historical, and environmental emphasis. What, therefore, is not to like about a luxury African safari? It offers adventure, wildlife, cultural enrichment, and incredibly smart and customised service.

The majority of them are run by the three most prestigious safari firms on the continent: &Beyond, Wilderness Safaris, Sanctuary Retreats, Asilia, African Bush Camps, Desert & Delta, Governors’ Camp Collection, Wild Horizons, The Bushcamp Company, The Zanzibar Collection, The Safari Collection, Saruni Lodges, Porini Camps, Alex Walker’s Serian Camps, Angama Mara, Azura Retreats, Babylonstoren, Chem Chem Safari, Chiawa Collection, Constance Hotels, MORE Family Collection, Natural Selection Camps, Cape Grace, Newmark Hotels, Simbavati Lodge Collection, Time + Tide, Thornybush Collection, and Singita.

Linyanti Ebony

South African Safari Lodges, Hotels & Camps

Top Luxury Lodges & Camps

Even the pickiest tourists can get everything they need in South Africa. The Rainbow Nation has it all, whether you want to spend your days relaxing on the beach, enjoying exquisite wine in picturesque vineyards, discovering culture-rich urban cities, or going on a traditional Big 5 African safari. Beginning your ideal vacation in the perennially popular Kruger National Park, travel to Cape Town, one of the most stunning cities in the world.

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Saseka Tented Camp

Botswana Safari Lodges, Camps, Hotels 

Best Luxury Lodges & Camps

The Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park are two of the most well-liked safari locations in Africa, and both are located in Botswana. The Kalahari and Linyanti are two undiscovered jewels. Botswana is a safari enthusiast’s dream since it is teeming with a variety of species and has a varied terrain that varies from lush riverine forests to dramatic salt flats.

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luxury lodges in Mozambique

Mozambique Beach Lodges & Hotels

Top Luxury lodges & Hotels

In and around Mozambique, a wide variety of lodging alternatives are available. These range from basic backpackers to wild camping, but the lodges we’ve chosen offer an opulent and unique experience. The beauty of Mozambique is that there aren’t many big resorts, so you can truly escape the city’s flashing lights. The majority of our guests choose to stay in opulent beach cottages in remote seaside locations rather than hotels.

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Shipwreck Lodge

Namibia Safari Lodges, Hotels, and Camps

Luxury lodges in Namibia

Luxury safari lodges and camps in Namibia are few and far between – the arid Namib Desert makes it one of the least densely populated places on Earth – but because we’ve been exploring this destination since 1998, we’re able to curate a definitive list.

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Shumba Camp

Zambia Safari Lodges and Camps

Top luxury lodges & camps

Both experienced and inexperienced safari travelers like Zambia. A Zambia safari has plenty to offer every kind of traveler thanks to wonders like South Luangwa National Park, which is famed for walking safaris across its wildlife-rich plains, and the legendary Victoria Falls.

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Singita Pamushana Lodge.

Zimbabwe Safari Lodges & Camps

Top luxury lodges and camps

With each region offering its own unique wonders, exploring the country’s top spots is highly recommended. To help you plan and find the best Zimbabwe accommodation, we’ve found the 19 best places to stay in Zimbabwe.

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Elsa's Kopje

Kenya Safari Lodges, Hotels, and Camps

Top luxury lodges, and camps

Choosing a place to stay when embarking on a luxury safari in Kenya is almost as important as the national park or game reserve. To make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up the best spots for luxury accommodation in Kenya:

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Mboko Camp

Congo Safari Lodges and Camps

A unique safari lodges and camps

Stay in the most beautiful rainforest and bai sites in one of the many one-of-a-kind Congo safari lodges that are perfectly at home with the surrounding forest on a safari in the Congo that is centered on Odzala-Kokoua National Park. The best places to stay, eat, and wash your boots in between treks are listed here.

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Magashi in Akagera National Park

Rwanda Safari Lodges, Camps

Top safari lodges, camps, and hotels

Rwanda’s rainforests and savannahs, two of the country’s most spectacular regions, offer a wide variety of conservation tourism opportunities. Bisate, a town that has won numerous awards, is located on the edge of Volcanoes National Park in an eroded volcanic cone. And the sophisticated Magashi in Akagera National Park, where you can take in breathtaking views of Lake Rwanyakazinga and a wide variety of the famous animals that make Africa what it is.

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Alphonse Island Lodge

Seychelles Safari Lodges, Hotels

Discover safari lodges and hotels

Welcome to blue safari Seychelles, We are blazing a trail for a new kind of unique lodging and experiential travel in the heart of the Indian Ocean’s last untamed frontier while also actively safeguarding this precious area.

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Kaya Mawa Lodge

Malawi Safari Lodges, Camps, Hotels

An unrivaled safari lodges, camps and hotels

Affectionate and laid-back Anyone interested in a safari and beach vacation should consider visiting Malawi. Malawi has a wide variety of places to stay, from little guesthouses on the shores of Lake Malawi to sprawling luxury hotels on its rocky islands and even in safari hotspots like Liwonde National Park and the Nyika Plateau.

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Shangri-La Le Touessrok

Mauritius Safari Lodges, Resorts, Camps and Hotels

Experience safari lodges, camps and hotels

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral reefs and white sand beaches, is the island paradise of Mauritius. Along the island’s shoreline are luxurious resorts with ginormous pools, an abundance of water sports, and shady sun loungers just steps from the water. The beauty of a vacation in Mauritius is that it is simple and stress-free because everything you could possibly need is in close proximity to one another. The service at these resorts is good, the amenities are excellent, and all tastes are catered for.

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Jabali Ridge

Tanzania Safari Lodges, Camps, Resorts, hotels

Top safari lodges, hotels and resorts

Tanzania is home to a wide variety of ecosystems, from sun-drenched savannas and lush forests to pristine beaches and exotic islands. The variety of available lodgings, from rustic safari camps to modern eco-lodges and romantic getaways, is a reflection of the region’s rich cultural heritage. There are safaris that are suitable for families, others that are ideal for lone travelers, and still others that are tailored to larger groups or private excursions.

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Mihingo Lodge

Uganda Safari Lodges, Camps, Hotels, and Resorts

Luxury Safari lodges, resorts, and camps

Forests, mountains, and river valleys are where you’ll find the most impressive resorts on your Uganda safari. Check out some of our top picks for the best safari lodges in Africa to decide where you want to stay.

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Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa

Ethiopia Safari Lodges, Hotels, Camps & Resorts

Luxury safari lodges, hotels and camps

There was a dearth of high-end lodging options in Ethiopia until very recently, and this is still true to some extent. Camps and safari lodges of varying degrees of complexity, some of which remain both basic and simply practical, make up the bulk of the country’s offering. There used to be a dearth of high-quality lodging options in Ethiopia, but that’s changing, especially in popular destinations like Lalibela and Addis Ababa.

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Diar Abou Habibi

Tunisa Safari Lodges, Camps, and Hotels

Luxury lodges, camps and hotels

Tunisia, a country in North Africa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is a great vacation spot for people from all over the world. This tiny country is jam-packed with historical sites and breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-see for any adventurer. The country’s diversified geography is typified by the sandy Mediterranean coast and its beaches, the wide expanse of the Sahara Desert, forested coasts, dazzling salt flats, and busy cobblestone alleyways scented with jasmine and sea wind.

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Angama Mara

Egypt Safari Lodges, Hotels, Camps

Lovely Safari Lodges, hotels and camps

Some of the world’s most famous hotels may be found in Egypt. These hotels, many of which date back to the colonial era, were frequented by famous figures like Howard Carter, Winston Churchill, and Agatha Christie.

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Zaina Lodge

Ghana Safari Lodges, Resorts, Camps & Hotels

Exclusive safari lodges, resorts, and camps

Although many visitors and would-be visitors associate Africa with safaris, the promise of gazing at gorgeous wild game is not true in the vast majority of Africa’s varied ecosystems. West Africa is an enclave of cultural tourism, where the people rather than the wildlife are the main appeal. This is in contrast to the eastern and southern extremities of Africa, which are characterized by various safari offerings in mystical natural surroundings.

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Dar Hnini

Morocco Safari Lodges, Resort, camps, spa and hotels

Luxury safari lodges, spa, hotels and camps

There are numerous sides to Morocco, each reflecting the country’s extensive history and diverse cultural traditions. This primarily Muslim nation is well-known for its mouthwatering cuisine, stunning buildings, exotic souks, and vibrant Berber culture. Morocco’s varied landscape includes towering mountains, lush oasis towns, historic walled seaports, and stunning deserts. It is one of just three countries in the world to have both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline.

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