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Luxury Gay Travel in Africa, All-inclusive LGBTQ+ Travel, Lesbian Travel Packages Around Africa and Luxury Gay Travel Experiences and Destinations in Africa. The Bespoke African Safari Co. Experts in luxury LGBTQ+ African travel.

You’re one step closer to realizing your dream of visiting Africa, which calls to you like a stunning savanah sunset, a burning bush-camp fire, or a pristine white, sand beach.

Luxury LGBTQ+ travel to Southern Africa, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands is our forte at The Bespoke African Safari Co. You’ve come to the wrong spot if you were hoping for a cruise with 300 grooving young men in speedos. We work with individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

Our travel experts have extensive expertise and first-hand knowledge of Africa, and they are prepared to create the vacation of your dreams.

“Everyone should get the chance to experience Africa at least once and be spellbound by her enchanting magic.” – DAVID RYAN

Our African Gay Travel Destinations

Why Book With Us?

Expert Queer, Gay, LGBTQ+ Travel Advice:
We are the queer, LGBTQ+, gay travel experts you’ve been looking for, and we’ve been wherever we recommend you go as a homosexual traveler in Africa.

Tailor-made Travel Expert:
We pioneered the field of LGBTQ+ and Gay travel in Africa. But don’t think this is just going to be another “vanilla” vacation; we’ve carefully designed everything to exceed your expectations.

Driving Diversity in Tourism:
Not only do we believe in diversity and equitable representation, but as the premier LGBTQ+ luxury tour operator, we are also LGBTQ+ owned and a proud ambassador of IGLTA.

Unique African Experiences:
We have hand-picked the crème de la crème of gay-friendly destinations, hotels, and lodges in Africa so that your trip will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Sustainable travel:
Join us on an African adventure and leave a positive mark on the continent’s wildlife, people, and landscapes.

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Top Gay-Friendly Destinations in Africa

Our Favorite Gay Friendly African Countries · Cape Town · Botswana · Rwanda · South Africa · Mozambique · Seychelles · Kruger National Park · Namibia.

The procedure of traveling to foreign nations as a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer (LGBTQ) community is not as simple and easy as it is for cisgendered and straight people. More than half of the 64 nations in the world where being gay is outlawed are located in Africa. And if you happen to be trans, the already limited number of safe destinations will shrink even further.

However, things are not entirely bleak. Slowly but gradually, Africa is joining the rest of the world in normalizing and decriminalizing same-sex relationships. That being said, there are numerous spots around Africa where members of the LGBTQ community, whether as a family, a couple, a group, or an individual, can travel freely and safely on safari.

You’ve found the best resource online for gay-friendly African safari vacations! In addition to being listed on Condé Nast Traveler’s expert list for LGBTQ+ travel, our illustrious Africa Safari Experts have been designing custom African safaris since 2016. Our recommendations are always based on our own personal experiences, and we will never put your safety ahead of your enjoyment.

The following is a guide for LGBTQ+ travelers visiting Africa’s safari destinations.

Botswana gay travel

Botswana Gay Travel
Botswana is a mysterious land that can both awe and perplex visitors with its many subtleties. This animal sanctuary is unlike any other on the planet, with its mysterious Delta floods.

Gay Travel South Africa

South Africa Gay Travel
For homosexual men, South Africa may be the most alluring place in all of Africa. It is the most gay-friendly country in Africa, and it functions as if it were several different countries.

Namibia Gay Travel

Namibia Gay Travel
The beauty of emptiness has never been so striking. Namibia, with its low population density but distinctive, expansive, and diverse landscapes and animals, provides an escape.

Rwanda Gay Travel

Rwanda Gay Travel
Rwanda became widely known as a popular option for LGBT travelers thanks to Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi. They saw critically endangered mountain gorillas, and their lives were changed forever. You get to participate in it now, too!

Kenya Gay Travel

Kenya Gay Travel
Kenya is the perfect starting point for a true East African safari in the renowned Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Parks. Kenya, site of one of the world’s greatest natural wonders (the Great Migration), will simultaneously humble and inspire you.

Tanzania Gay Travel

Tanzania Gay Travel
Tanzania’s landscapes are what spring to mind when you imagine a “African safari” because of the country’s diversity and its classic African features. Including Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak on the African continent, a wide variety of animals and plants.

Seychelles Gay Travel

Seychelles Gay Travel
Seychelles, a cluster of 115 islands in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, is a paradise just waiting to be discovered. What’s even better? It’s one of the more gay-friendly island getaways out there and one of only a handful where homosexuality is legal. Join us!

Mauritius Gay Travel

Mauritius Gay Travel
The island of Mauritius is synonymous with the term “honeymoon.” The soft sands of this paradisiacal island are enough to make anyone fall in love at first sight. After experiencing the underwater realm, your love for this tropical paradise will be complete.


Maldives Gay Travel
The idea of being “stuck” on a floating five-star resort doesn’t sound very romantic. The Maldives are the most ideal destination for a honeymoon or a family getaway. This place provides endless adventurous activities, some of the world’s top snorkelling.

LQBTQ+, Gay Travel friendly African Experiences

Like a beautiful white sand beach, a roaring jacuzzi, or a magnificent savanah, the promise of an African adventure beckons.

Gay Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Primate trekking
Everyone should get the chance to visit a gorilla or chimpanzee habitat at least once. Although we are confident that as soon as your feet leave East African land, you will wait to return for another look!

Gay Weddings in Africa

Gay Wedding
For as long as you can remember, you’ve dreamed about your wedding day. Do you think it’s impossible to have a homosexual wedding in Africa? Let’s not (pun intended) beat about the bush here.

Gay Group Safaris in Africa

Gay Group Safaris
You can turn any trip into a raucous celebration by including your closest friends and family members. Let us be the DJ who helps you plan the ultimate African adventure with your closest friends and family.

Luxury Gay Honeymoons in Africa

Gay Honeymoons
A wink and a nod tells us that when you go big, you go BIG. And what could possibly outdo, outbrag, and outclass Mother Africa? Only the finest will do if you plan on drifting off into the sunset on your honeymoon.

Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris

Wildebeest Migration
You’ve rubbed elbows with the fabulous and seen the greatest plays on Broadway. The Great Migration, however, has been widely documented. Those who don’t will be missing out.

Best Gay African Islands in the Indian Ocean

Gay Beach Holidays
Do you image yourself returning from a vacation with a rosy glow and a sprightly disposition after having consumed one too many Sex on the Beach cocktails? The African continent is home to several islands in the Indian Ocean.

The Bespoke African Safari Co. Disclaimer

Those of us here at The Bespoke African Safari Co. would want there be no confusion about where we stand on this matter. The Bespoke African Safari Co. does not support discriminatory policies or attitudes toward the LGBTQ community anywhere in Africa. Everyone at our organization, from our Africa Safari Experts to our CEO and support teams, is fully accepting of and committed to empowering the LGBTQ community. We are committed to making a space where people of all identities (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) can feel welcome and safe.

The Bespoke African Safari Co. has catered to the needs of their LGBTQ clientele for over 2 years, planning both private safaris and educational excursions for their own staff members. The well-being and convenience of our passengers is our first priority. We only partner with businesses that share our values of inclusion and diversity, and whose owners demand nothing less than the highest standards of service from their employees.

Best Luxury Gay African Safaris

When it comes to African safaris, private reserves are the best of the best since they provide all the extras that make the trip unforgettable. When compared to a public reserve, what characteristics distinguish a private one? So, making sure people have close interactions with animals is the main goal.

If you’re not a fan of sharing, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s not uncommon for your safari vehicle to be the only one out there. You may get your heart racing and get up close and personal with these wild and intriguing species by going off-road in private game reserves. Do you want to know what goes down when the power goes off in Africa? Doesn’t everyone? You can go on a luxury safari at night to witness the animals that only come out then. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more grounded, you can go on a bushwalk and lower yourself to the animals’ level.

In addition to these tailored activities, your lodge will be equipped with everything you need to feel like the queen that you are. Be forewarned, though; experiencing luxury for the first time is addicting.

BIG GAY AFRICAN SAFARI! | Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, South Africa

All your questions about Luxury Gay African safaris answered

Why Choose A Gay Luxury Safari?

You long for a moment when the world was untamed. However, you have no interest in returning to the Stone Age. That’s why we put you in the middle of untamed nature and luxurious lodgings. You are now sitting on a throne fit for a queen in the first row. Our African safaris are the epitome of luxury, complete with all the trimmings for the discerning traveler. In addition, your schedule can be adjusted to fit your preferences. A bottle of champagne and some caviar, please, monsieur.

What Are The Differences Between A Private And Public Reserve?

More people visit a public game reserve, and you’re restricted to staying on the beaten path. As a result, you’ll be sharing the road and the experience with a long line of other vehicles. However, in a private game reserve, you are free to leave the paved road and get up close and personal with the wildlife. You can also have a more private and intimate safari experience by going at night. You can go on a whole game drive without ever seeing another safari vehicle in a private game reserve, providing you unparalleled opportunities to get up close and personal with the local species.

What Should I Pack?

It’s important to know if the place you’re traveling to is a malaria zone. Many safari locations, however, departing from Cape Town, are malaria-free. When you book with The Bespoke African Safari Co, you can rest assured that you will be well-prepared to set foot on African soil. The weather on safari can be unpredictable, so it’s important to have both warm and cool attire. The African sun is really strong, therefore sunscreen is a must. In addition to your finest khaki ensemble, your most comfortable shoes, and an umbrella, you should include a hat, sunglasses, insect spray, and a raincoat. If you forget anything on your safari, many of the higher-end lodges will feature a gift shop for you to peruse. Don’t go home without your camera and plenty of memory cards!

What Are The Best Destinations For A Luxury Safari?

Choose one. Big is beautiful, and that’s how we roll at The Bespoke African Safari Co. Our gay-friendly vacation spots all feature 5-star hotels. We can stay in luxurious private homes, lodges, or tented camps in Kruger National Park. Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve is just one of the rare private reserves we take our guests to. Envision taking a relaxing outdoor bath as an elephant strolls by in the background. Or, you could be swimming in a public pool while they cool off in your private pool by dipping their trunks in. The uniqueness of a luxury safari lies in the fact that it combines encounters with exotic wildlife with every modern convenience. Rwanda is home to some of the world’s most exotic hotels, perfect for the adventurist at heart. You undoubtedly already know that because Ellen Degeneres loves to vacation there, it must be excellent. The wilds of East Africa are home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. The incredible variety of five-star hotels in Victoria Falls is another thing that will blow your mind. The anticipation of your firsthand experience is killing us!

What Experiences Can I Expect On A Luxury Safari?

Private guides, fly-in safaris, gourmet meals and wines, huge villas, lodges, tents, and even luxury treehouses are all part of our high-end safari packages. Safaris on foot, horseback, or in a vehicle are just a few of the exciting options. On a luxury safari, you can relax as much or as little as you wish.

Gay Wilderness Retreats in Africa

Africa is home to many spas and open fields where you may unwind and recharge your batteries.

That “Nature itself is the best healer” was a quote from Hippocrates. Whether you’re looking for a wildlife retreat or a yoga retreat, Africa has what you need to find your center.

Her endless vistas, wide-open plains, dreamlike sunsets, and bird choirs will put you at ease. There’s a reason why this area is filled with spas and resorts for rest and rejuvenation. The pristine African plains are calling those who yearn for a simpler life (without giving up their creature comforts, of course).

When coupled with a safari, you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Although Big Five safaris and the unspoiled wilderness are undeniably highlights, there is much more to Africa than meets the eye.

Long lengths of white sand beaches with palm palms dot the landscape, however. Here you can take in the sea breeze as the sun dips beyond the horizon and practice your Crow position. Namaste. Maybe you just want to be pampered over and over again with mud facials, body washes, massages, the works. Everywhere you turn is an opportunity to treat yourself and unwind.

Leave a fabulous lasting legacy in Africa

Because when you travel with us, you can do so guilt-free. By visiting Africa, you are helping to improve the lives of locals while also protecting the continent’s incredible animals and pristine wilderness.