Best Time to Visit Malawi, Month By Month According to Experts.

Best Time to Visit Malawi, Month By Month According to Experts. All year long, Malawi’s weather is consistently subtropical. While the weather is hot and humid year-round, there is a distinct dry and rainy season (September-April). During the wet season, afternoons will often bring heavy rain. This time of year is notorious for its treacherous traffic conditions.

May through September, Malawi’s milder season, is the best time to visit. Lake Malawi is the ideal African beach destination, with its warm weather and relaxing atmosphere.

What to Pack

When packing for a vacation to Malawi, it’s best to keep in mind the season in which you’ll be there. The following is a list of potential necessities: light clothing made of cotton or linen, ideally in colors that blend in with the bush, a light jumper or jacket, light rain gear like a waterproof jacket and footwear that will dry out easily, good sunscreen and sunglasses, long trousers and long sleeved shirts to prevent insect bites in the evenings, mosquito repellent, and warm clothing like gloves, hat, scarf, thermal layers, warm jacket or fleece.

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Best Time to Visit Malawi Month By Month

Visiting Malawi in January

The relentless downpour that has enveloped the country has left the ground slippery and muddy. You should arrange your trip near Lake Malawi accordingly, as most lodges close around this time.

  • The arrival of the migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere makes this a fantastic time to go birdwatching in any of the national parks.

Visiting Malawi in February

Throughout the month, hot and humid weather is accompanied by persistent rain. The terrestrial orchids that have been absent for so long finally make a presence over the plateau at this season, making for a lush and gorgeous time to go birdwatching at Nyika National Park in particular.

  • Those interested in birdwatching should visit Nyika National Park.

Visiting Malawi in March

In Malawi, this month is a mixed bag. It’s the end of the wet season, so expect a wide range of weather. Because of the abundance of foliage, it is not the best time to go wildlife watching.

  • Visit any of Malawi’s national parks if you’re there in February to March for excellent birdwatching.

Visiting Malawi in April

Now that the rainy season is winding down, the country should experience more sustained periods of dry weather. Nighttime lows are most noticeable in the higher elevations and further south you travel.

  • Take a stroll through Lilongwe, the capital, and take in its many attractions, including as the African atmosphere, the lively street life, and the big walled market selling a wide variety of goods.
  • The Lizulu Market in Lilongwe is a must-see; it spans the Lilongwe River and is connected to both banks by means of rickety bamboo footbridges.

Visiting Malawi in May

As you go closer to the cold season, conditions continue to dry out and temperatures remain quite warm. This is crocodile mating season, so if you’re planning a trip to one of the national parks, keep your eyes peeled!

  • Visit the spotted hyena, porcupine, bush pig, bushbuck, velvet monkeys, and crocodiles at Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary.
  • Explore the breathtaking Zomba plateau by foot, bike, or horseback. Forests of cedar, pine, and cypress cover huge swaths of the mountain’s flat summit.

Visiting Malawi in June

In Malawi, the peak tourist season has officially begun. While the days are sunny and pleasant, reaching into the 80s, the nights may be much cooler, requiring wood fires to be burned for warmth in the highland districts and even frost on Mount Mulanje.

  • Choose between boat and canoe excursions to see gazelles, zebras, elephants, and wildcats at Liwonde National Park.

Visiting Malawi in July

The month continues with sunny days and cool (sometimes cold) evenings. The dry weather makes now an ideal time to schedule a safari. In case you haven’t heard, the Lake Malawi International Sailing Marathon, one of the world’s longest freshwater sailing championships, takes place this month (June-July) on Lake Malawi.

  • In the cool of the tea plantations, take in the breathtaking view from Mulanje Mountain’s peak.
  • Stop at one of the many stunning waterfalls along the trail, such as Likhubula Waterfalls.
  • If walking isn’t your thing, you can always take it easy at one of the local colonial-era tea plantations and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Visiting Malawi in August

This is one of the greatest seasons to visit the country, as temperatures will begin to rise gradually but will still be relatively mild.

  • See elephants, buffalo, and rhinoceros in their natural habitat at Majete Wildlife Reserve.
  • Explore the Shire highlands on a bike or a horse and take in the breathtaking views of Mulanje Mountain.
  • Take calming strolls through the lush rainforest or expansive tea plantations of the Shire Highlands, partake in a coffee or tea tasting tour, or go birdwatching.

Visiting Malawi in September

Hot and dry weather is forecast across the country, even as nighttime temperatures rise. With the waters being so clear right now, it’s the perfect time to visit Lake Malawi and take advantage of all the fun water activities available there.

  • Visit Blantyre, famous for its picturesque landscape and steep topography, luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, and hip bars.
  • Spend an afternoon in the colonial-style Mandala House art gallery and check out some ethnic gems at the Museum in Blantyre.
  • You may relax in private on the sandy shores of Lake Malawi, or kayak over to Mumbo Island for some fresh air and sunshine.
  • Towards the conclusion of the month, visit a different side of Lake Malawi for The Lake of Stars Music Festival.

Visiting Malawi in October

Take advantage of the weather and the outdoors while you still can, because the rainy season will soon be upon us. Some sections of the country can experience temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so be prepared with sun protection measures.

  • Lake Malawi is a beautiful place to go swimming, sailing, waterskiing, or snorkeling, and to relax on the beach.
  • Cape Maclear is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a charming village located in Lake Malawi National Park.
  • Relax with a sundowner on one of the idyllic islands while gazing at the brilliant orange and scarlet sunsets over Lake Malawi.

Visiting Malawi in November

The rainy season in Malawi has officially begun. However, the rains continue to be unpredictable, becoming more consistent until toward the end of the month. The arrival of migrating birds in national parks coincides with this time of year as well.

  • Nyika National Park is Malawi’s largest and offers visitors the chance to see 400 different kinds of birds, a wide range of wildlife, and breathtaking vistas.

Visiting Malawi in December

This month marks the official beginning of the rainy season, so be prepared for a slew of thunderstorms.

  • Livingstonia, located close to Lake Malawi, is a fascinating peek into Malawi’s colonial past with its combination of colonial architecture and dusty, tree-lined alleys.