Ethiopia Tours: Discover Unleashed Luxury Safari Packages

Ethiopia Tours: Discover Unleashed Tailor-made Safari Packages for Luxury travelers. Ethiopia offers a truly luxury safari experience. Plan a bespoke holiday with The Bespoke African Safari Co. and visit Ethiopia’s most famous destinations.

Visitors interested in seeing an ancient location that receives little attention can consider visiting this region. An inspiring adventure is a trip through the wilderness, where you may see the beauty of nature up close, meet genuine, unaffected people who have endured famine and conflict, and wonder at ancient treasures drenched in mystique.

Those who have gone on safari previously and are looking for something a little bit new and off the beaten path in Africa can definitely consider visiting Ethiopia. What the country lacks in big game, it more than makes up for in huge culture; travelers should adore discovering and learning about other cultures and traditions, rich history and a multitude of attractions to visit, plus a breathtaking range natural landscapes. Luxury hotels in Ethiopia typically fall short of international requirements for a 5* stay, thus even the best tourists aren’t interested in staying there. If you don’t mind “roughing it,” you won’t be disappointed.

Luxury Ethiopia Tours

Ethiopia travel tips from our experts

  • If money is no object, a helicopter ride over the Danakil Depression is the way to go to fully appreciate the surreal lakes.
  • Take a boat journey out to the island monasteries on Lake Tana if you’re looking to add some water to your vacation.
  • Expert coffee drinker? During a coffee trip throughout several regions in Ethiopia, you can sample some of the country’s finest roasts.
  • The Gelada Baboons of the Simien Mountains are a great addition to any Ethiopian itinerary.
  • Travel to the Omo Valley to learn about ancient cultures.

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Luxury Ethiopia Tour Packages

Ethiopia is a country with a surprising amount of variety. Ethiopia is a wonderful hidden gem for those who aren’t scared to discover a more eccentric region that few tourists venture to. Ethiopia, a country twice the size of Texas, is home to more than 80 unique ethnic groups, each with its own traditions, language, and culture that stretch back more than 3,000 years. The country’s rich historical and prehistoric history adds to its natural and cultural variety. North African, Sub-Saharan, and Middle Eastern cultures have all converged there over the years. Culturally distinctive and replete with ancient places like Lalibela and Axum (must-sees for history buffs in the north), it makes an indelible impression. However, archeological findings dating back some four million years show that early hominins called this region home, adding to our understanding of human origins. While Ethiopia isn’t necessarily known as a place to go on a “wildlife safari,” we can’t get enough of the country’s rich history, culture, and abundance of outdoor activities.

Everything we create at The Bespoke African Safari Co. is custom. Use these ideas as inspiration to let us create your trip of a lifetime.

Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Kenya

Uganda, Rwanda And Kenya Safari
Days: 13 | Nights: 12
This 13 Days journey through Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya the Wild dreams come true. Enter the realm of the endangered mountain gorillas.

gorilla trekking experience in Volcanoes National Park

Uganda And Rwanda Safari
Days: 14 | Nights: 13
14 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari offers Primates tracking and Wildlife tours. Uganda and Rwanda are blessed with incredible primates including gorillas.

Zanzibar Safari

Rwanda, Tanzania And Zanzibar Safari
Days: 12 | Nights: 11
12 Days Rwanda Tanzania Zanzibar Safari Package offers Gorilla Trekking, a Tanzania Safari, and a beach holiday in Zanzibar.

Congo Gorilla Trekking

Lowland And Mountain Gorilla Trek
Days: 8 | Nights: 7
8 Days Congo and Rwanda Safari Trip includes Trekking Lowland Gorillas in the Congo’s jungles before moving on to Rwanda to pursue their larger cousins, mountain gorillas.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest National Park

Rwanda And Tanzania Safari
Days: 10 | Nights: 9

10 Days Rwanda and Tanzania Safari combines tracking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes, Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking in Rubondo Island National Park, and Serengeti.


Rwanda, Kenya And Seychelles Safari
Days: 12 | Nights: 11
12 Days Rwanda Kenya Seychelles Safari for Gorilla, Big Game, and Beach safari. Track Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda before heading to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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Tourism in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tourism

With only a 2% increase from 2005 to 2006, tourism in Ethiopia contributed 5.5% to the country’s GDP in 2006. Through a variety of programs, the government has demonstrated its dedication and enthusiasm for expanding the tourism industry. Ethiopia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) includes a focus on the tourism industry as a means to reduce poverty and boost economic growth.