Welcome to The Bespoke African Safari Company’s Financial Protection

Welcome to The Bespoke African Safari Company’s Financial Protection. Here are three ways The Bespoke African Safari Co. can offer you travel with complete peace of mind:

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Financial Protection

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Our recommended hotels, transportation providers, and activity providers all pass stringent quality tests, but in the unlikely event that one of them goes bankrupt and you don’t get the services you paid for, our Money-Back Guarantee has your back. Nothing about your safari that you didn’t arrange with us is covered by this guarantee. This is a major perk of partnering with unaffiliated specialists like us.

Your travel insurance

You should not confuse our Money-Back Guarantee with travel insurance. If something comes up that prevents you from taking your trip or requires you to cut it short, having travel insurance will cover the expenses you incur as a result. Most major credit cards include travel insurance as standard, but it’s a good idea to double-check with your card issuer just in case. You should never leave home without purchasing travel medical insurance in case of an unexpected medical emergency.

Secure online payments

Here at The Bespoke African Safari Co., we know that safety is of the utmost importance to you. We accept credit card payments from customers in over 135 different countries thanks to our partnership with a global payment processor.

Payment Methods: 
By Bank Name: Kabira Safaris & Tours Ltd.
Credit Card Payments & 5% surcharge: 
Pesa Pal Link 1: https://store.pesapal.com/thebespokeafricansafarico
Pesa Pal Link 2: https://payments.pesapal.com/kabirasafaris/