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As a beach destination, Seychelles holidays are unbeatable, with extensive stretches of powder-soft beaches broken only by granite boulders or the odd cluster of palm palms. The setting is the tranquil blue of the Indian Ocean. Not only are the beaches there among the best in the world, but with a sprinkling of award-winning Seychelles hotels and resorts and incredibly elegant villas, you can fully realize your tropical island dream in opulent, first-rate luxury.

Imagine getting up in your gorgeous suite and planning your day: breakfast on your own sundeck, a walk along the beach, a spa treatment, and then snorkelling or diving. You probably won’t even need to swim far because most of the islands are surrounded by shallow reefs, so in a few fin flicks you’ll be surrounded by clouds of vibrant fish and maybe a turtle or two. And what better way to end the day than with sunset cocktails and supper by the sea?

Seems perfect. It is, therefore, hardly surprising to hear that a honeymoon in the Seychelles is a popular option for a romantic getaway. Finding your own stretch of beach during the ideal time to visit the Seychelles is made easy by the abundance of tiny resorts and private coves available. The service is excellent. And for actual seclusion and privacy, sail to one of the private islands in the Seychelles, such the opulent Denis Island, where you will have the entire island to yourselves. Holidays in Seychelles never let me down.

“Seychelles: Country Profile”

If you look at the best beaches in the world, the Seychelles consistently make the list.

Customized Seychelles Vacations

There is certainly a lot of beach time required on every Seychelles holiday, but after you’ve had your fill of sunshine, head outside to see the stunning Creole homes, artist studios, and marine parks. The Destination Experts at The Bespoke African Safari Co. will guide you toward the hidden gems that await you beyond the glistening blue sea.

Along with a private local guide and access to round-the-clock travel assistance, your customised Seychelles holiday itinerary could include seeing the capital city of Victoria, hiking through the mangrove forests of Morne Seychellois National Park, and taking in the views from Mission Lodge, the best vantage point in the entire island chain.

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Luxury Seychelles Tours and Excursions

The 115 islands that make up the Seychelles lure tourists who want to see and enjoy everything this island paradise has to offer. While lounging on the beach and doing as little as possible is ideal here, those who want to explore the islands will find plenty to do.

For the curious tourist, this little island nation with its rich historical and cultural past offers numerous treasures; for nature enthusiasts, the variety of breathtaking scenery and fascinating land, air, and marine species (many of them rare and endemic) will enthrall.

There is much to do in the Seychelles, from trekking through verdant tropical woods to snorkeling the vibrant coral gardens of the Indian Ocean. Speak with The Bespoke African Safari Co., the top travel agent in the Seychelles, to arrange your own customised trip or join one of our fascinating group tours.

With The Bespoke African Safari Co., explore a new island, new food, a new culture or uncommon and native plants and animals. Our multilingual guides are dedicated to ensure that your trip is enjoyable, real, and safe. Our Seychelles Tours & Excursions are created to highlight the finest of Seychelles. Though please do follow the public health precautions in place, these group activities are a great way to meet other like-minded travelers.

Additionally offered are customised activities and private tours (see below). For further details, get in touch with our staff right now. Based on your requirements, a Bespoke African Safari Co. Destination Expert crafts each itinerary. While you enjoy a customized trip to Seychelles, they ensure that every detail is taken care of with their professional preparation and first-hand, local expertise.

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Masai Mara, Serengeti And Zanzibar
Days: 11 | Nights: 10
This classic Family Safari to Masai Mara Serengeti Zanzibar searches for predators and prey on the game-rich grassy plains of Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti.

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Kenya, Tanzania And Zanzibar
Days: 14 | Nights: 13
If this a detailed 2 Weeks Kenya, Tanzania And Zanzibar Beach Holiday itinerary appeals to you, get in touch with us, and we’ll take you on a customized your 14 Days Itinerary.

zanzibar honeymoon packages

4 Days in Zanzibar Honeymoon
Days: 4 | Nights: 3
4 Days in Zanzibar Honeymoon Package offers an exclusive relaxation on Beach. Pemba Island is a pristine island with gently, sloping hills and deep lush valleys.

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Seychelles Tourism

The largest nongovernmental industry in the Seychelles is tourism. Direct employment in tourism employs about 15% of the total labor force, and employment in banking, construction, transportation, and other sectors is intimately related to the tourist sector. The Seychelles offer visitors water sports possibilities and coral beaches. An other main draw is the archipelago’s wildlife.