African Travel Advisories, Requirements, And Safety tips for Beginners

African Travel Advisories, Requirements, and Safety tips for beginners. At Bespoke African Safari Co., we live and breathe providing our clients with unbiased travel advice and extraordinary safari experiences.

Our Africa Safari Specialists live and work in Africa full-time, have extensively explored the continent Africa, and can confidently advise you on the best places to visit. They routinely check out brand-new accommodations, excursions, and pursuits to guarantee that everything is up to snuff for our guests.

Is it safe to travel to Africa now? Where can I go without worrying about my safety? Health and safety have been at the forefront of every traveler’s attention since the coronavirus outbreak made everyone nervous about taking trips.

Since our founding in 2018, we have expertly guided thousands of tourists through a variety of crises and global disruptions while customizing safari trips for them. Safari is not only one of the safest ways to travel, but it also has a positive impact on wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, rural community economic development, and education for children across Africa. In fact, after the ‘new normal’ has been established, a safari will be one of the safest ways to visit any destination on the planet.

Ready to Start Planning Your Trip of a Lifetime?

Making smart decisions while traveling in Africa is no different from doing so in any other country. Talk to doctors about your health and find a reliable travel partner; a reputable safari tour operator can customize your trip based on up-to-date information and firsthand experience for this case the Bespoke African Safari Co. matches the odds.

Use common sense and research your destination well to ensure a risk-free trip through Africa. Talk to one of our Africa Safari Specialists to create the perfect vacation for you:

AFRICA: Top 12 Travel Tips

African Travel Advisories, Requirements & Safety

You’ve decided to go for it and book that flight to Africa; you’ve made some preliminary plans and chosen your safari; and soon you’ll be on your way!

Africa has it all, sometimes at the same time: stunning landscapes, a wealth of cultural history, welcoming inhabitants, and bustling markets. You can’t help but be captivated by this intriguing continent and yearn to keep coming back for more. However, even the most courageous adventurers may find it difficult to visit this region.

We just returned from a four-month trip through southern and central Africa, and we’ve put together this guide to share everything we learned (the hard way!) or wished we’d known before we left, so you may have the carefree trip of a lifetime.

African Travel Advisories by Country