Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls Month By Month + Worst Time

When is the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls and worst time? The best time to visit Victoria Falls is from February to May, directly after the summer rains, when you’ll see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume.

From February to May, right after the summer rains, is when the world’s largest sheet of falling water, Victoria Falls, is at its most impressive. The spray from Victoria Falls is spectacular, but the best time to see it is not when safaris are most popular in adjacent Chobe, Botswana, or Hwange, Zimbabwe. When the water is at its highest and fastest, it is also too risky to attempt activities like swimming in Devil’s Pool or certain portions of white-water rapids.

The water level is low and the temperature is muggy in late October and early November, which is not a good time to visit the Falls. During the low-water season, you may expect clear views (no misty spray) of the Falls from either side, however the Zambian side (about a fifth of its width) may be totally dry, leaving you with nothing but exposed rock face. The volume of the water flowing through Zimbabwe does not change except during the rainy season.

Best time to visit the Victoria Falls

Since the summer rains have ended by then, the Victoria Falls are at their most spectacular in March and April. Visitors at this time can count on getting completely wet by the spray from this spectacle. In addition, this time of year is perfect for a helicopter ride above the roaring Victoria Falls. July and August are also peak months for tourists at Victoria Falls. Visit the Devil’s Pool on the brink of the cliff and Livingstone Island in the middle of the river, when the water levels are still stunning.

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Month by Month Guide for Travelling to Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls from January to March

Even though January is the middle of summer, it is still considered low water season. Although the Zambezi River will have started to rise due to the summer’s heavy rains, now is not the best time to visit Victoria Falls. Because it is not yet the high season, January is a fantastic time to get travel deals. The weather is perfect for white-water rafting, and you can relax in style at one of Victoria Falls’ five-star resorts.

Noise, heat, and dampness all combine in one amazing natural spectacle at Victoria Falls. If you want to see Victoria Falls at its fullest, with the Zambezi River plunging down into the gorges below, you should go in February. Although close to Botswana, one of Africa’s famed Big 5 safari destinations, the Green Season (February–May) is not the greatest season to take advantage of the Fall’s proximity to Botswana.

The deafening roar of Victoria Falls may be heard from great distances. The falls are about twice as tall as Niagara Falls in North America. March is when the falls are at their peak flow, and the weather will be hot, misty, and thundery in the afternoons. The high water levels on the Zambezi River make for dangerous conditions, even for seasoned adventurers, but white-water rafting and other adventure sports continue as usual.

Travelling to Victoria Falls from April to June

In April, the summer rainy season ends, and the temperature drops slightly before the mild winter sets in. Tours to Victoria Falls are particularly enjoyable at the moment. The Falls’ powerful spray and mist make it difficult to see the entire attraction from the ground; a helicopter tour provides the best vantage point.

The dry winter season of Vic Falls begins in May, bringing with it dramatic temperature drops. If you want to visit Victoria Falls but prefer cooler weather during the winter, this is the best time to go.

The dry winter months of June through August are ideal for combining a trip to Victoria Falls with a safari along the Chobe River. Despite the lack of precipitation, there will still be plenty of water roaring over the cliff, making for excellent game watching.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Best time to visit March / April. See the falls at their peak

Visiting Victoria Falls from July to September

July is the greatest month to visit Victoria Falls because of the pleasant daytime temperatures and clear views of the Falls, despite the lower water levels of the Zambezi River. The beautiful lunar rainbow appears in the sky in the month of July.

Again, August is a dry month at Vic Falls, while temperatures are higher than they were in July. White water rafting is also popular in August, and the famous Devils Pool typically opens towards the month’s conclusion.

Even though September marks the beginning of spring, this time of year is still considered the dry season. No precipitation has fallen as of yet, thus the weather is fine. The Victoria Falls climate is ideal in September. The national park is a great place to see wildlife without suffering from extreme heat, but keep in mind that the later in the season you go, the less likely the waterfall will be to be flowing.

Travelling to Victoria Falls from October to December

When it comes to temperature, October is unrivaled. The Zambezi River has been dry for months and is reaching dangerously low levels in the weeks leading up to November. As the water volume in Victoria Falls is lowest at this time of year, it is not recommended that you travel there.

It takes time for the water that has dropped in the Angolan Highlands to make its way down to the series of huge canyons of the Falls, therefore the Green Season does not officially begin until November. It’s the beginning of birdwatching season, and the arrival of migratory bird species makes this a great time to go birding.

While December is the second driest month of the year, temperatures still average in the high 60s, and afternoon thunderstorms occur daily. After so much rain, plants finally begin to sprout. In addition to being the best time of year to go birdwatching, white-water rafting season ends in the month of December.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls in Zambia

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Victoria Falls, often known as “The Smoke that Thunders,” is a must-see on every trip to Africa, and with good reason: it is one of the continent’s most recognizable landmarks.

The South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks in Zambia, as well as Chobe and the Okavango Delta in neighboring Botswana, are ideal companions to a visit to Victoria Falls, a site at the heart of the Southern Africa safari experience. In addition to Cape Town, Sun City, and Kruger Park, a visit to Victoria Falls is a must on any trip to South Africa.

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