Mauritius Tours: Incredible Luxury Tailor-made Holidays & Excursions

Mauritius Tours: Incredible Luxury Tailor-made Holidays & Excursions. Luxury resorts, delectable food, and impeccable service are hallmarks of a visit to Mauritius. These islanders are passionate about tourism, and it shows in the extremely personalized service they provide. An amazing island getaway is the result of a perfect storm of superb hospitality, palm-lined beaches, and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. There is a wide variety of land and water activities, from scuba diving to mountain hikes, along the island’s four separate beaches, making it an ideal destination for families and couples.

Discover the enchanted island of Mauritius with one of the many sightseeing trips offered by Mauritius Attractions. Our sightseeing trips cover all of Mauritius and include visits to the top tourist destinations as well as beach, island, nature, and other tours.

Some of the most sought-after and unusual Mauritius tours are available through Mauritius Attractions. You will get to explore all the must-see sites in Mauritius and many highlights in a single day as part of our tours. Discovering Mauritius is made easiest, cheapest, and most time-efficient with these trip packages.

“Mauritius: Country Profile”

Mauritius gained independence from the UK in 1968 as a Parliamentary Republic and has remained a stable democracy with regular free elections and a positive human rights record.

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There is so much more to the charm of Mauritius than its picture-perfect beaches. This African island nation is known for its verdant highlands, world-class golf courses, stunning colonial buildings, and a delectable cuisine that combines flavors from Europe, Asia, and China. Discover all of these island features with the help of the skilled Destination Experts at The Bespoke African Safari Co. They will also assist you in planning your dream vacation to Mauritius.

With the help of a private local guide and access to round-the-clock travel assistance, your personalized vacation itinerary in Mauritius could include exploring the Black River Gorges National Park in quest of wildlife, hiking to the edge of a dormant volcano, or visiting a unique sugar cane plantation and rum distillery.

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With its palm-fringed coastline and soft sands that lead into clear waters, Mauritius is a popular beach destination for good reason. Our specialists have scoured the island extensively and can design a Mauritius tour around your preferences; nevertheless, we advise you to do more than just soak up the sun. Additionally, we can provide guidance on how to explore the island’s less-visited regions, including as its Creole towns and volcanic mountains.

The turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean that encircle Mauritius are home to dolphins gliding and turtles feeding. With the aid of a breathtaking ocean drop-off, you may snorkel across coral seascapes and discover some incredible diving spots. From the interior, you may reach waterfalls and emerald lagoons via hiking paths that wind through the Chamarel Mountains‘ rainforest. A complex culinary identity has developed on the island as a result of the many influences from Indian, French, African, and Chinese cuisines. Colonial houses line the streets of Port Louis, and you may find bustling marketplaces and quaint cafés in the neighboring settlements.

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An unforgettable tailored African vacation awaits you, filled with magnificent wildlife, extraordinary natural wonders, beautiful beaches, and fascinating towns. Not sure which place to go? Get in on the fun with this uplifting collection of favorites, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, a milestone party, or just a much-needed getaway.

Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta

Victoria Falls, Botswana Safari And Mauritius Itinerary
Days: 13 | Nights: 12

A Detailed Victoria Falls, Botswana Safari And Mauritius Itinerary Guide for 13 Days – Experience the water worlds of Botswana on boat safaris in Chobe and at the Okavango Delta, and spend time relaxing days on the beaches of Mauritius.