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The Bespoke African Safari Company that offers personalized All-inclusive African Luxury safaris & Small-Group Classic Safaris. We’ll give you the best safari in Africa. The only comfortable way of enjoying an African adventure is by booking an African Luxury Safari.

The journey to the unspoiled continent is truly rewarding and one to consider for those in search of comfort while on an African safari. African Luxury Safaris offer a great opportunity for you to witness the awful nature of Africa with its amazing creation and also expose you to the incredible wildlife sighting, and gorilla trekking experiences, with all the famous African Big Five Animals, guaranteed. African Luxury Safaris have strongly established relationships in various countries on the continent thus the best to book if you are craving comfortable facilities on your African Vacation

We won’t show you the world; we’ll show you Africa, better than anyone else.

Welcome to The Bespoke African Safari Co. Local and Genuine Luxury African Safari Experts. We have been organizing private all-inclusive safaris to Africa since 2016. The key to our accomplishments? Our dedication to having first-hand knowledge of every place, hotel, and activity we suggest. We collectively go on an African safari for more than 365 days a year to guarantee that you receive the most accurate information.

Let’s go on SAFARI in South Africa (all-inclusive luxury!)

Get Inspired by our African Luxury Safari Travel Deals

Get inspired by a selection of our favorite African safari tours Deals. From romantic honeymoons to family-friendly holidays – all completely flexible and arranged to your travel needs.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Gorillas & Wildebeest Migration
Days: 12 | Nights: 11
Gorilla Trekking and Great Migration in this one-of-a-kind luxury bucket list Gorilla Trekking and Great Wildebeest Migration showcasing 4 iconic wildlife destinations.

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Rwanda And Zambia Safari
Days: 14 | Nights: 13
14 Days Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Zambia Safari. Experience walking safari in Zambia and gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Visit Victoria Falls & Volcanoes National Park.


Rwanda, Kenya And Seychelles Safari
Days: 12 | Nights: 11
12 Days Rwanda Kenya Seychelles Safari for Gorilla, Big Game, and Beach safari. Track Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda before heading to the Masai Mara Reserve.

Maasai Mara family safari

Masai Mara, Serengeti And Zanzibar
Days: 11 | Nights: 10
11 Days Group/Family Safari to Masai Mara Serengeti Zanzibar takes to Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti in search of predators and prey followed by a blissful seaside stay.

African Safari Experiences like no other

Our intimate experience from recent years in Africa has manifested unbeatable experiences by several travelers, describing the whole African Luxury Safari as an exceptional experience that one must strive to experience. Many travelers to Africa in recent years have proved that the well-known quote by Richard Mullin is very true “The only man I envy, is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to”. Once you go on your first safari, Africa gets into your blood. You develop a deep longing to return to this magical continent and start planning your next African safari holiday. Caution ‘Africa is addictive’

How to Book A Luxury African Safari

At The Bespoke African Safari Co. we like to make things easy for you. Browse our website for inspiration or pick up the phone. Start your African journey

  • Describe your dream African Adventure.
    Connect: Call us or inquire online. Share your wish list and we’ll start planning your adventure.
  • We get you in touch with our travel planning specialists who will help you plan your African Safari.
    Customize: Your dedicated travel expert will be in touch within 24 hours to start designing your bespoke African itinerary.
  • We make adjustments where necessary.
    Confirm: We won’t stop refining your plans until we get the perfect trip at the best price.
  • Book the itinerary/Jouerny when ready.
    Travel: Receive your The Bespoke African Safari Co. documents, pack your bags, and set off on the trip of a lifetime!
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Let us plan your dream
African Luxury Safari

Whether you’re full of ideas or unsure of where to start, we’re here to help. Serial safari-goer or first-time visitor, we’re ready to create your ultimate tailormade itinerary.

Enquire now and a Travel expert will get back to you within 2-4 hours.

Luxury African Safari Destinations that might interest you

Luxury African safaris with us will unleash your imagination of the misinterpreted continent with scenic beauty and wildlife that floods its conservancies. From a mere step in Africa to the departing moments will have you in wonder? While on a Luxury African safari, you will encounter mesmerizing wildlife, stunning landscapes, and blissful luxuries, and understanding your options will maximize your experience. Our top travel destinations in the continent include; the East African region rich in wildlife, the southern part of the continent, and some countries in the northern part of the continent. The most famous activities include; gorilla trekking, hot air balloon rides, game drives, beach life experience, and many more.

Lions on a Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Top Experiences
Scenery, Beaches, Wildlife, Wildebeest Migration.

Zanzibar Safari

Top Experiences
Scenery, Beaches, Diving, and snorkeling

Kenya Safari Holidays

Top Experiences

Scenery, Beaches, Wildlife, Wildebeest Migration.

Congo Gorilla Trekking

Top Experiences
Scenery, Wildlife, Gorilla trekking, Birding

Gorillas in Rwanda

Top Experiences
Scenery, Wildlife, Gorilla trekking, Cultural, Birding

Uganda Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Top Experiences
Scenery, Wildlife, Gorilla trekking, Cultural, Birding


Top Experiences
Scenery, Beaches, Diving, and snorkeling


Top Experiences
Scenery, Wildlife, Self-drive, Hot air ballooning, Cultural

Resources for Planning Your First African Safari

Wild and free African Safari Guides – Everything you need to know for your first safari… or your tenth!

African Safari Cost

What Does an African Safari Cost?

Always a burning question on any traveler’s mind. We’ve crunched the numbers for you and broken down safari budgets.

Africa safaris

The Best African Safari Holidays

We’ve compiled our favorite, tried-and-tested African safari holidays – all completely customizable to suit your travel wishes.

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Best Time For An African Safari

When planning your African safari or holiday, it’s wise to do a bit of research on the best time to go for the experience you desire.

Is Traveling To Africa Safe

How safe is an African safari?

The answer is yes, it can be. Africa is home to more than 54 countries spanning almost 12 million square miles, and many of those countries are relatively safe.

Africa Safari Lodges

Best Safari Lodges in Africa

From the dusty tents of explorers to exquisite eco-conscious lodges, African safari has come a long way in the past hundred years without losing any of its romance and adventure.

Tailor-Made Luxury Safaris in Africa

Tailor-Made Safaris in Africa

The Bespoke African Safari Company – offers Tailor Made Safaris and private guided tours to Africa where you have to do nothing else but enjoy yourself but also slightly more budget-friendly.

Why The Bespoke African Safari Co.

If this question still lingers in your head, here are some of the reasons why you should book with us

  • Guaranteed adventure on your trip: This is backed up by our experience in planning African safaris and ultimate knowledge on the ground
  • Risk-free on Safaris: Our luxury African Safaris and packages guarantee your safety while on safari. Our 24/7 support system will make sure your safari is safe and sound
  • Your itinerary is tailor-made just for you: Travel with a personalized itinerary and experiences designed for you. Have control of your trip
  • Top travel specialists: We link you to travel planning specialists

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda – All You Need To Know

carbon offset green

Responsible travel and Vacations are part of The Bespoke African Safari Company‘ DNA. Since the beginning, we’ve strived to work with local people and businesses in our destinations. We believe that this not only gives you the finest experience possible, but it also benefits nearby communities. Locals are therefore driven to protect whatever attracts tourists, be it their culture, fauna, or environment. In contrast, we actively steer clear of “tourist traps.” Responsible Travel Policy.

See what our travelers are saying…

The Bespoke African Safari Company has made it to the African Safari Best list every year since the survey launched 10 years ago, landing in the #4 spot an unprecedented nine times. And when prospective Bespoke African Safari travelers hear this, they naturally have a question: What, exactly, did you do to deserve this recognition?

The best way we know how to answer that is to let our past travelers say it for us. Below are our traveler’s reviews & experiences from recent guests returning from Africa. In addition to these testimonials, we can also provide you with references…

Client: Mostafa Shafey
From: Montreal, Canada – 1 contribution
Written: February 13, 2022

10 day birding tour, exceeded expectations

The Bespoke African safari is an outstanding operator. Starting from initial communication about itinerary, pricing, to being flexible with dates, to providing a customized experience that fit my needs and communicating all the necessary information. My assigned guide Arshley Brian was an extremely knowledgeable birder and keen naturalist and a very welcoming person, happy to share his knowledge, and I learned quite a bit from his knowledge of birds, mammals, plants, the landscape and Ugandan culture…

Client: Allen C
From: Austin, TX – 11 contributions
Written: January 7, 2022

Best Trip of my Life

I hired The Bespoke African Safari to guide me through 2 weeks in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC summer of 2021. They were one of the few tour companies willing to take on such an itinerary during the pandemic but accepted the challenge and did an amazing job of making the adjustments needed in real time to complete a life changing trip safe and on schedule. I had two primary guides throughout my two weeks, Brian in Rwanda and Arshley Brian in Uganda. Both were extremely kind and knowledgable and…

Our Trusted African Partners

The Bespoke African Safari Company is a trading division of Kabira Safaris & Tours Ltd. Kabira Safaris is a member of both the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB/RTT/TT/2021/100069) and the Association of Uganda Tour Operators plus a member of African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA®). Being a member of these schemes provides 100% financial protection no matter which country your travel originates from.

Everything is about relationships. Fortunately, we’ve built great ones working with the top safari lodges, camps, and hotels in Africa for over 10 years.

Masai Mara | The Luxury Safari of a LIFETIME!

A Decade Of Unparalleled Experience & Luxury Stay

We know Africa intimately and your dedicated travel expert will provide a luxury African Accommodations that exceeds your expectations. Tell us your wishes and we’ll draw on over 10 years’ experience to make them come true.

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