Camping in Africa: Best Camping Destinations, Tours, and Helpful Tips

Camping in Africa: Best Camping Destinations, Tours, and Helpful Tips. This is the traditional way colonial visitors traveled through Africa. Mobile camps started in East Africa and the trend moved South Africa from Kenya to Tanzania.

Mobile safari camps are opulent tented establishments with all the amenities of a lodge and the extra benefits of being mobile while you explore. Additionally, they offer far more exclusivity than other lodges do.

An African mobile camping safari is definitely for you if your ideal safari involves an updated version of the voyages of early explorers. Sleeping outside in a tent is exciting because there is no glass or brick separating you from nature; instead, you have the romance of lantern light and the soothing sounds of an African night.

Camping in Africa offers adventurous travelers an original safari experience, complete with walk-in tents, crisp linen on comfortable double beds, and en-suite bathrooms with hot bucket showers.

The goal of a luxury Camping in Africa is to provide a true safari experience free of obstructive boundaries so that guests can have an intimate, exclusive nature encounter without forgoing any comfort or convenience.

Our Top African Camping Destinations

Camping in Africa

One of the most enchanted travel experiences you could possibly have is drifting off to sleep in a tent while the sounds of the African nature embraced you. Camping in Africa is a “adventure of a lifetime” that will transport you to a world of stunning natural beauty and unique fauna. However, you can make sure that your journey is seamless, pleasurable, and (most importantly) tailor-made for you if you know what kind of adventure you’re getting into.

TOP African Campsites We Visited

Best Camping Options in Africa

I will fill you in on the many camping options in Africa, which countries offer the best camping experiences, what gear you should bring on your camping trip, and some travel tips to make sure you have a blast.

Adventure Camping in Africa

Camping At Incredible Tsendze | Kruger National Park

In most people’s thoughts, when they think of camping, they picture an adventure camper setting up a dome tent, sleeping on cold ground with a heated sleeping bag inside, and preparing meals over an open fire. Those who enjoy the great outdoors and are traveling on a tight budget will adore this camping style because it gives you the best experience of camping in the African wilderness. Specifically, this applies in the event that you choose to set up your tent in an unapproved location. Wild camping describes this.

When you go “wild camping,” you pitch your tent in an unofficial location and share it with locals in a remote African community. Aside from the essentials, such as a shared restroom and a bucket shower, there are no amenities offered to you at the camp. Because of this, you can keep to your budget and not go overboard. One other thing you’ll love is merging with nature. Just a friendly reminder to research if the land you’re considering visiting is publicly or privately owned before venturing out into rural areas. Local authorities should be consulted for more information.

Overland Camping in Africa

For travelers looking to make the most of their limited time, overland trips are a fantastic option. In most situations, hotel, transportation, and even meals are all taken care of by overland trips. On the other hand, you’ll have to put up your tent every night, use public restrooms, and face early mornings with this option.

Individuals can save time and money by going on an overland journey rather than a group tour because everyone pitches in, you’re less likely to miss anything, and you’re more likely to meet others who share your interests. We recommend the overland tour if you’re planning a trip with a group of pals.

Because families often require schedule flexibility—for example, to spend more time in one location or to wake up later—taking an overland journey might be a bit of a challenge. The luxury campgrounds have the option of a room or a magnificent tent, so if you’re looking for a bit more comfort, you may go there. An ideal choice for those who prefer more independence and who want to design their own schedule is the self-drive safari.

Designated Campsites in Africa

When compared to wild camping, designated campsites provide a little more, such bucket showers and flush toilets, in addition to the essentials. They are commonly seen in African national parks and private game reserves. In larger parks, designated campsites may also have access to shared kitchen facilities, electricity, and self-service washing facilities. The specified camps can be reached by self-drive safaris or overland vacations.

Below, you’ll find a variety of camp site packages offered by private reserves, national parks, and conservancies around Africa. These can be tailored to suit your budget, preferences, and other factors.

  • Budget camp-sites: Most visitors consider them to be the gold standard of inexpensive vacation spots. Tents are simple, with common restrooms but no electricity or fencing.
  • Mid-range campsites: Although they are a little more comfortable than cheap campsites, they nevertheless lack the amenities of luxury campgrounds. Tents are available inside a fenced-in campsite with electricity, but you’ll have to share the restrooms.
  • Luxury camp-sites: Glamping is another name for this. Similar to lodges, luxury tents offer a range of amenities. Typically located in enclosed campgrounds, they offer private restrooms, electrical outlets, and more. Transportation to and from the airport and game drives are also part of this package.

Self-drive Camping in Africa

Self Drive Safari in Tanzania

You get to choose every detail of your safari adventure when you opt for a self-drive safari. You have complete control over the details of your schedule, including the time, length, location, and activities you choose to partake in.

One unique aspect of self-drive safaris is the option to camp out in your car. You may enjoy the African nightlife in a way you never have before in one of the many off-road vehicles or four-wheel drives equipped with rooftop tents. Leave your vehicle in a designated area and choose between a tent luxury suite or a fitted lodge cabin if that doesn’t seem appealing.

When visiting with family members who prefer a more hands-on approach, self-drive safaris are a fantastic option. Ability to drive off-road and exceptional driving skills are must for making the most of this adventure.

Our African Camping Safari Itineraries that might interest you

Not sure where to start? Our best-selling African Camping safari tours are here to get you going

Fig Tree Camp Mara

4 Days Masai Mara Itinerary
Days: 4 | Nights: 3 

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is Kenya‘s most famous game reserve. 4 Days Masai Mara Lodge Safari From Nairobi provides the opportunity to witness “the big five” as well as numerous other kinds of games.

Mobile Camping Safaris in Kenya

Masai Mara And Lamu Camping
Days: 6 | Nights: 5
This Kenya camping safari will take you on a boat ride in Lake Baringo, as well as a 3-4 hour hike to the south end of Lake Bogoria to see the flamingos and hot springs. We also head to Lake Nakuru National Park to observe rhinos, lions

Mobile Camping Safaris in Kenya.

Family Horseback Safari
Days: 6 | Nights: 5
Explore Samburu on a horseback safari in Kenya while traveling in a nomadic camping style. This 6 Days Best Family Horseback Safari in Kenya (Laikipia). For those seeking an entirely new, more genuine experience of Africa.

Useful Tips for camping in the wildernesses of Africa

  • Even at enclosed campsites, traveling to Africa on a camping trip can put your health and safety at danger.
  • Be mindful of the environment and the wildlife at the campsite because you will be sharing the outdoors with them, as well as the natives and other tourists.
  • With that knowledge in hand, we have outlined certain rules and proper camping procedure to ensure your safety on your camping adventure;
  • Your ideal camping spot will be level, far from any bodies of water, and away from any game trails.
  • If you want to avoid sleeping with a campfire, it’s best to purchase firewood in advance or use only dead wood.
  • To keep wild creatures from raiding your camp due to the allure of your food, make sure to put away your food, laundry, and trash before you leave your campground.
  • Stay safe from snakes and other wild animals like hyenas by always locking the door to your tent before you go to sleep.
  • Bring along your trusty rucksack to store all of your essentials for your game drives, including sunscreen, water, and a camera.
  • Keep plenty of reading material, movies, and games on hand. Having children would make this a great activity to do together since it would keep them from becoming bored.
  • For your own safety, do not exit your vehicle if you choose to drive yourself. Bring a camera and binoculars so you can see the creatures better.
  • Water and sunscreen are your best defenses against the scorching African sun, so make sure to replenish your fluids frequently. Sunglasses and a hat will save your eyes and head from getting too much sun.
  • Make sure you are in excellent health and up-to-date on all of your immunizations by consulting your doctor before your trip.
  • Get all the necessary visas in advance if you plan on visiting more than one country. Travelers are individually responsible for ensuring that they possess the necessary documentation to cross international borders.

Best Camping Destinations in Africa

Botswana is Southern Africa’s ideal option for mobile safari destinations. Discover the best national parks and wildlife refuges, including the eerie salt flats of the Makgadikgadi Pans, the serene rivers of the Okavango Delta, and the fabled elephant drinking holes of the Chobe.

Combination safaris, which include stays in both temporary lodges and mobile camps, are highly well-liked. Botswana offers a wide range of game-viewing opportunities; you can go on guided nature walks, speedboat and canoe excursions, and traditional safari excursions.

East Africa’s Big 5 game watching is at its best in Tanzania and Kenya, the continent’s original mobile safari destinations. A million wildebeest travel an amazing route during the Great Migration from the Masai Mara in Kenya’s rolling plains, across crocodile-infested rivers, to Tanzania’s Serengeti grasslands, and back again.

Seasonal variations in rainfall and grazing have an impact on this natural spectacle, so a mobile camp’s adaptability is ideal for getting you to the right spot at the right time. From your tented camp, set out on game drives and led nature walks to enjoy fantastic year-round wildlife watching.

As you plan your camping safari in Africa, you’ll find a wide variety of campsites to choose from across the continent’s many safari locations. The idea that every nation has something special to contribute is crucial to remember. What you want to accomplish on your safari and how much money you have to spend will therefore factor heavily into your destination choice. Some of the best destinations in Africa to go on a camping safari are listed here.