Best Time to Visit Rwanda to See Gorillas + Worst Time (Month By Month)

Best Time to Visit Rwanda to See Gorillas + Worst Time (Month By Month). The months of June through September are the driest in Rwanda, and that’s when you’re most likely to see the country’s most famous animal, the mountain gorilla. The ideal time to visit the country to monitor chimpanzees is during the rainy seasons, which are March to May and June to September.

But regardless of the season, Rwanda is a great place to visit. Because Rwanda is located so close to the Equator, the weather is very consistent all year round, ranging from a comfortable 63 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on your location). Even while it’s warm during the day, the nights may get chilly, particularly up high.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Walking amongst chimpanzees and mountain gorillas is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that doesn’t depend on the season. The roads are much better in the summer (June–August) here, therefore it’s a fantastic time to travel.

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The best time to visit Rwanda is now

Month-by-month guide for traveling in Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda in December – February

December – February is a popular season to visit Rwanda because the weather is drier throughout the country. Prices are higher, though, so you should plan ahead if you want to take advantage of this. Gorilla tracking and other outdoor activities are made more enjoyable by the warm and bright weather across the country.

Visiting Rwanda in March

During the rainy season (March–mid-May), chimpanzees descend to the lower levels of the forest canopy to feed on ripening fruit, making it the best time to see these primates in the wild. You can still go gorilla tracking if you have high-quality rain gear, and you can usually get the permits for less money.

Visiting Rwanda in April

April is a wet month overall, but it’s also a great time to see gorillas and chimpanzees. At this time of year, you could find some great sales and bargains.

Visiting Rwanda in May

The parks are verdant and lush as the rains start to ease in the middle of the month, and you may see baby animals exploring them for the first time.

Visiting Rwanda in June – September

The months of June through September, known as the dry season, are ideal for visiting Rwanda. Waterproofs are an excellent investment because rain is always a possibility, especially in tropical regions. As a result of the increased frequency of wildlife sightings, this time of year is quite popular and prices are high.

Events & Festivals

The yearly naming ceremony for young gorillas in Rwanda, known as Kwita Izina (September), began in 2005. It serves as a celebration of the next generation of gorillas, a tribute to the country’s conservation efforts, and an opportunity to admire some incredibly adorable infants.

Visiting Rwanda in October – November

In October and November, it is common for there to be brief downpours followed by sunny skies. It’s the perfect moment to capture the breathtaking alpine landscape of Rwanda and is a photographer’s dream.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Track the great apes of Rwanda from June to September

Akagera National Park is at its best for gorilla trekking and game-spotting during the high “dry” season.

Gorilla trekking is best done between June and September, while it is possible year-round. During the lengthy dry season, trekking is at its best, thanks to the relatively mild weather, less likelihood of rain, and generally better surface conditions.

The best time to go game-viewing in Akagera National Park is in June, right at the beginning of Rwanda’s peak season. During this time, you can spot leopards, antelope, and black rhinos as they forage for water during the dry season.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s ???????? Volcanoes National Park

Don’t let the rains of Rwanda put you off

Tourists hate the low “wet” season, yet that’s when you can see the most chimpanzees.

From March through May, the nation has its lengthy rainy season, during which the precipitation is both heavy and persistent. In March, chimpanzees don’t have to go as far into the jungle to get food because it’s easier to find it. Rather, they congregate in big groups and remain low to the forest floor. The foliage is lush and verdant, so even though it rains constantly, the jungle vistas are breathtaking.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that certain paths can get extremely dangerous to walk on when it rains, and that many of Rwanda’s unpaved roads are not easy to navigate. The Nyungwe Forest is still accessible, but you’ll need to exercise extra caution due to the heavier undergrowth and steeper hills.

Trekking in Rwanda | Chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park

Rwanda travel guides

With its spectacular terrain of undulating hills, lofty volcanoes, and tropical forests, Rwanda is home to some of the most remarkable wildlife encounters in all of Africa. A journey through thick foliage may be part of your trip here if you’re lucky enough to see a family of silverback gorillas relaxing in their native habitat.

If you are planning a tailor-made vacation to Rwanda, our travel guides will be an indispensable resource. Peruse the country guides written by our experts and use them to ignite your imagination for a new journey.

Inspiring Rwanda Itineraries

The purpose of these itineraries is to provide you with some ideas for what you can do during your time in Rwanda by highlighting some of the routes that have worked really well for us.

Rwanda Travel Advice

Inside a ten-kilometer radius of Rwanda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the security situation is highly unpredictable. Stay inside the borders. The Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Park are both potential targets of rebel attacks. Go to these parks only if you’re on a guided tour.

Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is home to verdant lakes, misty jungles, and towering mountains that dominate the otherwise modest agricultural landscape. While most tourists start and finish their Rwandan adventure in Kigali, the country’s most famous attraction is its population of mountain gorillas. Our Africa experts can help you plan the perfect itinerary to see these magnificent creatures.

Things to Do in Rwanda

Rwanda provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe these endangered primates in their natural habitat, the verdant bamboo woods. In this tiny but interesting country, adventurers can undertake chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest and golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park, among many other exciting things to do.