Top Things To Do in Mozambique and Places To Visit

Below are the top 15 places to visit and things to do in Mozambique. Discover the Top Things to do in Mozambique; Explore the Great Limpopo Trans frontier Park, Romantic beach horse rides, Game viewing in Gorongosa National Park, Go big game fishing, Enjoy the Scrumptious local seafood, Visit the Maputo Central Market, Hike the Montes Chimanimani, Enjoy a traditional dhow ride, Enjoy Cocktails in Polana hotel, Explore the Archipelago das Quirimbas, Manica, Dive with Dolphins at Ponta de Ouro, Go Fishing on Lake Nyasa, Visit the historical Angoche Town.

Things to do in Mozambique; Between Tanzania and South Africa, Mozambique is frequently disregarded as a travel destination in Southern Africa because many tourists prefer to visit these countries more stable and advanced neighbors. However, Mozambique has some of the longest coastlines in the world, along with the nicest beaches, a varied culture, and delectable seafood. Indeed, it is a location worth going to while on your African safari.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Mozambique

Explore the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

This vast area of land is made up of national parks that can be visited freely by visitors from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique. Nearly 150 different kinds of mammals, including elephants, giraffes, and buffaloes, may be found in Limpopo.

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
Romantic beach horse rides in Mozambique

Romantic Beach Horse Rides

As the sun says farewell for the day beneath the water and the sky is bathed in spectacular hues, venture forth in the excitement of jogging across the endless stretches of white sandy beaches. Horseback riding is one of the extremely romantic pastimes offered in Mozambique. They are conveniently reachable from numerous locations off the coast.

Game Viewing in Gorongosa National Park

This once-famous park, which is located in Northern Mozambique, was almost completely destroyed during the country’s civil wars. It is worth a try to tour it in order to witness rare bird species, warthogs, impalas, and so many other species because it is now restocked and returning to being to its original predominance.

Game viewing in Gorongosa National Park
Go big game fishing in Mozambique

Go Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing is synonymous with Mozambique, and the two are inextricably intertwined. The waters off the coast of Mozambique provide one of the best and largest selections of big game fish. Although Wahoo, Marlin, and Tuna are seasonal, fishing is fantastic year-round. A catch-and-release policy is used for the vast majority of fishing.

Enjoy the Scrumptious local seafood

The greatest seafood to eat while visiting Maputo is octopus and grilled prawns, which come from Mozambique’s extensive 2,500-kilometer coastline.

local sea food in Mozambique
Visit the Maputo Central Market

Visit the Maputo Central Market

The central market in Maputo is unique in that it shows the variety of civilizations that have influenced Mozambique. Despite a minor drop in the market, this market is still large, measuring around six soccer fields. Although this market sells a wide range of goods, from colorful carpets and household appliances to fresh seafood, spices, and veggies. A trip to this market will be worthwhile, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet locals. With sellers, you may haggle and score fantastic deals. Pickpockets frequent this area, therefore it is better to leave any valuables behind and carefully conceal your cash.

Hike the Montes Chimanimani

It is a mountain range that Zimbabwe shares that is teeming with mahogany and pine trees, and a ton of medicinal plants, and is ideal for rough distant camping and hiking.

Chimanimani Mountains National Park
Traditional dhow ride in Mozambique

Enjoy a Traditional Dhow Ride

Dhows are traditional boats that have been among the main modes of transportation along the African coast for generations. Sail to the stunning islands that are situated along the coast by setting out on a boat. Before boarding and setting off for a new island, you can embark on a snorkeling experience and explore the magnificent reefs.

Historical tour in Ilha de Mocambique

It is a little island off the coast of Mozambique’s north that once served as an important trading hub for Arabs. With its connections to Africa and Islam, diverse population, and impressive colonial-era architecture, it is presently a fascinating destination to investigate.

Historical Tour in Ilha de Mocambique
Cocktails in Polana hotel

Enjoy Cocktails in the Polana hotel

In its heyday, Polana was Africa’s grand old lady of hotels, a haven for wealthy and well-liked travelers during the holidays. The Polana hotel in Maputo underwent a magnificent renovation and is now a lovely place to stay. Although it is really pricey, if you can afford the night, you shouldn’t hesitate to go out and enjoy some cocktails and the ambiance. From the Aquarius Sushi bar, you can overlook beautiful sights across Maputo Bay. They are well-known for their delicious tropical concoctions, which make for the ultimate sundowners as you take in the views of the bay.

Explore the Archipelago das Quirimbas

They are 32 islands that lie off the coast of Pemba town and are only reachable by motor boat. They offer beautiful humpback whale sightings, coral reef snorkeling, and white sand beaches.

Quirimbas Archipelago
Manica Province in Mozambique

Manica Town

This stunning city, which is in the center of Mozambique, was once an important hub for the trading of gold. Locals consider the 1,000-year-old Chinamapere rock paintings to be heavenly.

Dive with Dolphins at Ponta de Ouro

South Africa’s border is a few kilometers away from southern Mozambique. This odd town has some of the nicest beaches in the nation and opportunities for scuba diving with dolphins.

Dive with Dolphins at Ponta de Ouro.
Lake Nyasa

Go Fishing on Lake Nyasa

Large, crystal-clear Lake Nyasa, often known as Lake Malawi, borders Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi. Comparing Nyasa to all the other lakes in the globe, a greater diversity of fish species is thought to exist there.

Visit the historical Angoche Town

a tranquil, historic town that still feels the influence of the pre-colonial Swahili and Arab traders. It is located in the country’s northern area. For a glimpse into the past, Angoche is worth the trip.

Angoche Town

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