Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique

This Gorongosa National Park is situated on the foothills of Mount Gorongosa in Gorongosa’s Great Rift Valley (1860m). This 370 square kilometer park was designated as a Gorongosa National Park in July 1960. The Gorongosa Valley, a portion of the adjacent tablelands, and many rivers that flow into it are all included in the park.

Travel Guide

At the southernmost point of the Great Rift Valley in the province of Sofala, Gorongosa National Park is located in the districts of Gorongosa, Cheringoma, and Muanza, about 30 kilometers from the EN1 highway.

The EN1 and EN6 highways connect Maputo and Beira, respectively, for access to the Gorongosa National Park. Visitors can rent a suitable automobile from a reputable company in Beira. The national airline LAM and SA Airlink both frequently fly to this town.


About 28 kilometers on a dirt road separate the camp at Chitengo from the highway. Strong 42 or 44 vehicles can typically navigate the safari roads surrounding the camp throughout the winter.