Botswana Safari Activities; Top 10 Things to Do in Botswana

The most fun things to do in Botswana. The chief Botswana Safari Activities and Experiences; Bird watching, Boat excursions, Fishing, Sunset cruises, Guided walking safaris, Mokoro trails, Game drives, and night drives.

So you’ve decided to go on a safari in Botswana, and you can’t wait to go on your first game drive and look for Africa’s legendary Big 5. You have, after all, selected one of the top locations to observe the wonderful fauna in its Edenic garden.

Botswana is difficult to surpass for a truly amazing safari! Visiting the Okavango Delta, Botswana’s crown jewel, with its astoundingly high wildlife densities and a fantastic range of activities, is one of the greatest ways to explore the country while on a safari vacation. Mokoro safaris, which are somewhat of a specialty in this place, are also included in the list of activities. If you reserve a stay in one of Botswana’s beautiful private reserves, you may even experience the nation by taking night drives.

Crazy for cats? The Moremi Game Reserve, located in the middle of the Delta and teeming with lions and leopards, will be a roar-ly wonderful time for you! If seeing elephants on safari is your top priority, let us arrange a trip for you to Chobe National Park or one of Botswana’s private reserves, such as the Linyanti game reserves, which both have the largest herds of the big, gray animals anywhere! Here are some of our hand-picked safari activities in Botswana or experiences in Botswana:

Botswana Safari Activities and Experiences

Cultural Safaris in Botswana

The majority of visitors to Botswana assume that safaris are solely for viewing wild animals, however, one of the greatest safaris you can do to learn more about the nation is a Botswana cultural safari there. The history of the people and all of their traditional traditions will be covered throughout your cultural tour. The culture of the Botswana people is highly distinct, and ever since they had to deal with colonialists.

Botswana culture
Botswana Wildlife Safari

Guided Wildlife Safaris in Botswana

Botswana is one of the best places in Africa to see wildlife because of its huge geography and numerous national parks that are contained therein. In order to conserve and safeguard the country’s wildlife from poaching, Botswana has set aside about 80% of its land for National parks and game reserves, in contrast to other African nations where the game parks are largely located on unused ground.

Walking Safaris in Botswana

One of the numerous ways to fully experience nature is through a Botswana walking safari, which is typically a morning stroll or a walk lasting longer than three hours, depending on the route you select. During a walking safari, you will be looking for wildlife that lives in the various national parks, particularly the smaller ones that are difficult to view from a game drive.

Walking Safaris in Botswana
Balloon safaris in Botswana

Balloon Safaris in Botswana

Hot air Balloon Safaris in Botswana over the vast interior Okavango Delta is a very amazing experience! Flying in a light aircraft is quite different from this experience. You will be able to observe the many wildlife below you, including the numerous hippos, buffalo, and elephants, as well as the distinctive environment with its various features.

Camping Safaris in Botswana

The reason why mobile camping safaris in Botswana have grown so popular with tourists is that they make it simple for them to visit the various park areas that are sometimes overlooked while simply driving through the National Parks. Camping in Botswana is the best way that tourists can experience the wild close-up of many of the wildlife species.

Camping in Botswana

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