Tanzania Honeymoons Guide, Tailormade Safari Packages and Destinations

Tanzania Honeymoons Guide, Tailormade Safari Packages and Destinations. There is little doubt that Tanzania, with its breathtaking natural beauty and famous safari sites like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, is a dream honeymoon location for any couple. Tanzania is little off the main path, yet it nevertheless manages to provide its visitors with exciting luxury safaris and luxurious accommodations in spectacular locations, which newlyweds visiting the nation will find.

We have curated a variety of honeymoon packages in Tanzania that include exciting big game safaris in breathtakingly beautiful locations. If your timing is just right, you and your new spouse may even be able to see the world-famous wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, which is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tanzania is home to a wide variety of small lodges, from secluded cottages to classic tented safari camps, so you may choose the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The variety of these accommodations mirrors the rich variety of Tanzanian wildlife.

If you want to combine a safari with a beach honeymoon, Tanzania is a great choice because of its world-famous safari locations and its beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean. Undoubtedly, unwinding on a private tropical beach may be the ideal way to end your African honeymoon after all the early morning game drives and full days on safari.

For a more personal experience, consider spending a few days on Pemba or Mafia Islands, two isolated havens that are part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. These islands are perfect for those who want to combine a thrilling safari in Tanzania with a classic beach vacation on the spice island of Zanzibar. Tanzania is the perfect African honeymoon destination whether you’re looking for a safari, the beach, or some quiet time to yourself.

Breathtaking Tanzania Honeymoons

When you want adventure and romance, Tanzania is the place for you. The safari lodges are small and genuine, and the wildlife watching is second to none. For those seeking even more seclusion, private cars and meals are available. We can design a classic Tanzanian honeymoon for you, complete with exciting wildlife encounters in the Serengeti, luxurious tents, a balloon safari, guided bush walks, and a relaxing beach extension to the palm-fringed island of Zanzibar. You will cherish every memory.


Honeymoon in Tanzania

We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to each couple, so we will take the time to learn about your ideal Tanzanian honeymoon. These itineraries are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tanzania; if you contact us, we can design a personalized program specifically for you.

Honeymoon safaris in Tanzania’s stunning Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park are the perfect way to reignite romance and adventure. Spend the night in utterly picturesque lodges and camps that appear cut off from the rest of the world, where you may witness the great wildebeest migration and look for the Big Five during daily game drives. These all-inclusive honeymoon packages provide the utmost in seclusion and relaxation with gourmet meals, soothing massages, and expert tour guides.

Tanzania Honeymoon Itineraries

Choosing between the northern and southern regions of Tanzania (or both) is the most crucial decision you’ll have to make when organizing your honeymoon in Tanzania. The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, located in northern Tanzania, are two of the most famous hunting grounds in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned safari traveler or this is your first time on the land, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

One drawback to the north is its understandable popularity; as a result, all but the most exclusive spots are quite crowded, and costs are slightly higher. There are a lot of rules about what can and cannot be done here, so most lodges only provide the regular game drives. It takes a bit more time to complete the circuit correctly and is slightly farther from the beach as well.

Southern Tanzania is useful in this regard. Selous Game Reserve, the biggest game reserve in Africa, and Ruaha National Park are the South’s crown jewels. Neither park has been commercialized, so visitors can have a more personal and genuine safari experience there. Spectacular game viewing is available in the South from the beginning of July all the way through the end of October. Here you can go boating, hiking, and even fly camping in the wilderness because to the laxer regulations. The parks are conveniently located near one another and the beach, saving both time and money on transportation. The accommodations are also of higher quality, offering more luxury for the money.

For those seeking a beach getaway, Zanzibar is an excellent choice. Numerous first-rate beach options are available, with prices ranging widely. Since Zanzibar is so special, we’ve dedicated an entire website to it; for more information, check out Zanzibar Honeymoons. Other neighboring islands, such Mafia and Pemba, are great for serious scuba divers, and if you’re looking for the pinnacle of seclusion, you should check out Mnemba and Fanjove, two private islands.

Gorilla trekking is an option in both Rwanda and Uganda, and there are direct flights from Rwanda to the Serengeti, so it’s easy to combine these two countries with a honeymoon in Tanzania. Beaches in Mozambique and the Seychelles are among the nicest in the world, but getting there can be a pain and won’t break the bank.

Mountain Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

Tanzania And Rwanda Itinerary
Days: 13 | Nights: 12 
This Luxury 13 Days (Tanzania And Rwanda Safari) Tarangire, Serengeti And Volcanoes safari Itinerary has all the ingredients required to create a Romantic Safari masterpiece.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari
Days: 8 | Nights: 7
The Perfect Honeymoon 8 Days Tanzania Safari to Tarangire National Park, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater. At an amazing price, this Tanzania Safari provides the ideal East African.

Serengeti honeymoon

Serengeti Honeymoon Safari
Days: 5 | Nights: 4
Serengeti Honeymoon Safari A Romantic Itinerary Guide for Lovers. Spend four unforgettable days on a romantic safari in the Serengeti with the one you love.

Tanzania Honeymoons Reviews

Unforgettable trip – thank you Joseph!
Dec 2023 • Couples

As a couple we had a wonderful trip with The Bespoke African Safari Co. for a safari and Zanzibar experience. Our tour guide Joseph was excellent. He answered all our questions and provided lots of information on the animals, landscape and culture around us. He was very friendly, funny and informative and we always felt in safe hands. Joseph consistently managed to find us the best spots to see the animals, by being able to expertly navigate through the Serengeti and other safari vehicles. On our private safari experience, we were very lucky to see all of the big 5 and a lot more – thank you Joseph!
All our accommodation was great and in unique settings.

Jose and Maggie in the Bespoke African Safari Co. office were very helpful and flexible when organising this trip and provided lots of information and quickly answered our questions.


The best lodges for a Tanzania honeymoon safari

Tented Camps or Non-tented Camps

Many people wrongly assume that tented campgrounds are significantly different from non-tented alternatives. Assumption number one: substantial, wooden-structured lodges are more luxurious than tented lodges, which are “basic” and unsuitable for honeymoon luxury. The truth is that even the most opulent campgrounds in the nation can have a canvas roof… Along with a pool, world-class dining, and every convenience imaginable. In a similar vein, while non-tented options such as the Serengeti Serena do have permanent, solid walls and, yes, a pool, the safari experience isn’t quite up to par compared to some fantastic tented camps like the one at Lake Manze, which would undoubtedly offer a honeymoon to remember.

Mobile tented camps

“Mobile tented camps” are the lone exception. In order to be in the best possible spot for the Great Migration, these Serengeti residents relocate twice or thrice a year. You can be sure that you’ll be staying in a tent since, due to their nomadic lifestyle, they don’t have permanent fixtures like pools or plumbing (though you can still take showers with manually heated water). Regardless, the tent is really opulent. Although the mobile campers are of the finest quality, their “camping” appearance may not appeal to those who like spacious apartments and even larger pools. Tented camps, in our opinion, evoke a sense of classic safari romance, thus we will always suggest staying in one if at all possible. After this, you can combine adventure with creature comforts by going to a more obviously luxurious camp.

Serengeti Serena Lodge

Lemala Ndutu Mobile Tented Camp

Best Time for a Tanzania safari and beach honeymoon

Because of its tropical location, Tanzania experiences year-round temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius or more. At any time of year, you can enjoy a visit; however, the months of July through September offer the ideal weather conditions, with dry weather and abundant wildlife. During April and May, Tanzania undergoes its main rainy season, so if you are planning to spend any time at the beach on your honeymoon, we would advise against it. Definitely not the way to spend a honeymoon on the ocean!

The wet season, on the other hand, might be spectacular if you are merely interested in safari, adventurous, and strapped for cash. The parks are teeming with fresh life, the bushes are lush and verdant, and it is an absolutely stunning time to be in Tanzania… Incredible lodges are also offering deeply discounted rates. The rain is falling, the animals is more dispersed, and the likelihood of getting bogged in the mud is higher, therefore that’s why the costs are lower. The green season in Tanzania, however, is an unparalleled experience for certain travelers.

October and June, which are considered shoulder seasons, are our favorite months. Here you may find great deals and discounted prices compared to the high season. A few days into shoulder season, you can sometimes have the same experience as high season, but for half the price! The parks are less crowded and the wildlife is at its best in the fall and winter, right before and after the school holidays.

There are benefits and drawbacks to visiting Tanzania at different times of year, so it’s best to get in touch and speak with one of our specialists.

Tanzania Honeymoon Cost

With safari prices ranging from $450 pppn at the low end to $2,500 pppn at the high end, Tanzania offers a really diverse choice of accommodation alternatives. Meals and refreshments, as well as game viewing, are typically included in these pricing. Beach time is far more affordable, starting at about $180 per person per night and going all the way up to $1,700 per person per night on the exclusive island.

As an additional service, we can set up internal flights between the safari and the beach, which, as a rough estimate, cost about $250 per person.

The greatest deal we offer Tanzania honeymoon packages ranging from roughly $3,500 for 10 nights on the safari and beach to around $6,800 for 13 nights on the beach, and for the truly pampered, about $9,500 for 11 nights on the beach. An extremely lavish 10-day beach and safari vacation will set you back at least $15,000 USD.

How much does it cost to Travel Tanzania for a month

Tanzania Honeymoon FAQs

Why is Tanzania the best honeymoon destination

In addition to having some of the world’s most stunning beaches, Tanzania is home to some of the greatest game viewing opportunities. You may get a real, unspoiled safari experience while simultaneously relaxing on a deserted beach in the Indian Ocean right here. A wonderful beginning to married life, in our view, with just the right amount of excitement and relaxation.

For a honeymoon in Africa, Tanzania offers several excellent lodges at reasonable prices. However, if you’re looking to splurge on the ultimate in luxury, there are also some world-class options available.

If you want to witness 1.5 million wildebeests making a mass migration in search of lush pastures after the rains, Tanzania is the place to go. Being there as a newlywed couple is an experience you will never forget.

When it comes to infrastructure and the quality of the tourist experience, Tanzania is on the cutting edge. What about a night of jungle camping, a hot air balloon ride, or a picnic in the Serengeti?

Luxury vs Adventure for your Tanzania Honeymoon

Any kind of traveler can find the perfect Tanzanian experience, whether they’re looking for a high-end safari or a more rugged, adventurous getaway. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, there are a number of exciting options, such as a 7-night walking safari through Ruaha National Park or an ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most luxurious lodges, situated in some of the continent’s most inaccessible and untamed wilderness areas, perfect for the hedonists and sybarites. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about the private Grumeti Reserve, which is connected to the Serengeti and can be paired with Mnemba Island to create a honeymoon straight out of a Hollywood script.

Tanzania Honeymoon Vs Kenya Honeymoon

Both Tanzania and Kenya provide a wide variety of safari locations, lodging options, and activities, making them perfect for honeymoons. The shorter distances, particularly in Southern Tanzania, make it a great choice for honeymoons because it helps to keep travel time and costs down. More so, the top beaches in Kenya tend to be somewhat crowded, but the coast and islands of Tanzania provide a lot more variety in lodging alternatives and even some secluded areas. If you are a lively, adventure-seeking, snorkeling, diving, or climbing pair, or if you like to relax by the pool with a G&T, Tanzania has everything a honeymooner could need.

Tanzania Honeymoons

If you and your spouse-to-be are looking for a romantic getaway that is a little bit more adventurous on your first few days of marriage, Tanzania is a fantastic option—even though it might not be the first African destination that comes to mind.

With the exception of a skiing lodge, a Tanzania Honeymoon safari is sure to provide all you might want, whether it’s a secluded beachside romance or the ultimate in safari pampering.

A Top Honeymoon Destination, Tanzania is home to dozens of beautiful white-sand beaches, abundant national parks, luxurious safari lodges, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. It’s the ideal spot for an unusual honeymoon safari.

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