Tanzania Travel Advice, Safety Tips for Beginners (Updated 2024)

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Tips for Planning Your Tanzania Safari

Plan your timing carefully: Plan your safari to coincide with the Wildebeest Migration or time your trip to Zanzibar for the greatest beach weather.

Book early for high season: Popular safari routes in Tanzania and prime Wildebeest Migration camping places fill up months, if not a whole year, in advance.

Choose your activities: Even though game drives in the morning and afternoon are a staple of any safari, some places and camps may not permit other safari activities, like as night game drives, guided bush walks, or hot-air balloon safaris.

Expect other visitors in high season: From around June to October, many tourists flock to Tanzania’s most popular national parks, including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire. If you want to avoid the crowds without missing out on spectacular game viewing, consider traveling during low or Green Season (about November to March).

Go private: Private reserves in Tanzania are the place to go if you’re seeking seclusion. The lodging is first-rate, wildlife viewing is on par with that in the major parks, and supplemental safari activities (see #3) are occasionally available.

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