Sudan Bucket List 101: Epic Things to Do in Sudan, According to Locals

Most Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Sudan are located in remote areas, and transportation to those areas is insufficient, but these various attractions demonstrate how far the country has progressed, and there are also several Tourist Activities that you can participate in while here, all of which are listed below so that you can make your decision before you even enter the country.

Sudan, the third-largest country in Africa, is situated south of Egypt and has a short coastline on the Red Sea. However, due to decades of civil strife, visiting the country, particularly outside of Khartoum, the capital, may be challenging and even dangerous. However, daring tourists can attend festivals, see more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt, and enjoy the country’s renowned hospitality on a guided trip.

Tourist Attractions in Sudan

Among the countries in Northeastern Africa, Sudan has some of the most alluring sights. Sudan has a lot to offer travelers of all tastes, with attractions that showcase the country’s breathtaking landscapes and others that tell the narrative of its fascinating past. Everyone can find what they’re looking for, whether it’s a stunning volcanic mountain range, a long-standing historical museum, or an old pyramid.

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The Meroe Pyramids

The Meroe Pyramids, considered the most stunning archeological monument in the country, are among Sudan’s most popular tourist destinations. There is a common misconception that Egypt has the most pyramids in the country, but Sudan has hundreds of them distributed around the country, with the Meroe pyramids being the best and most orderly. The Meroe Pyramids are minor in size, numbering around 200, and date back over 2500 years. When you visit the Meroe pyramids, you will notice that the tops of the pyramids are missing. This is because they were blown off by a rogue Italian hunter who wanted to pillage the pyramids.

Discover the Meroe pyramids, Sudan

The Kerma Archeological Site

The Kerma Archeological site is the place to go if you wish to journey back in time while in Sudan. The Kerma archeological site has its beginnings in the Kushite empire, which controlled Northern Africa circa 1450BC. Although the site is now in ruins, it is still worth visiting because you can see the Deffuta, which is encircled by the ruins. A trek up the Kerma will provide you with a clear perspective of the Nile River below, and it is also a great site to watch the sunset.

Kerma: The Ancient African Kingdom


Khartoum is Sudan’s capital city and one of the destinations you should visit while in the country. It is one of the main cities in the country, with many government offices, and it is also the site of the legendary war between the Mahdi Army and the British. There are numerous museums and historical sites that display this conflict, as well as many other items that depict the history of the Sudanese people from before the colonialists came to power, through the colonial era, and after the country earned independence. Joining the famous camel market and shopping for souvenirs in the various shops are just a few of the exciting activities you should do.

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The Sudan National Museum

The Sudan National Museum is located in Khartoum, this is one sight that should be on your list of must-sees in the country. There are three Nubian temples just outside the museum that you can visit, and when you get inside, you will be pleased to see paintings that depict the Nubian rule that spanned Northern Africa, and this picture tells the story of the Nubian civilization better than any other photo in any museum around the world.

Sudan National Museum in Khartoum, Sudan

The Dinder National Park

The Dinder National Park, considered one of the largest game parks on the African continent, is located on the border between Sudan and Ethiopia and is one of the country’s few National Parks. It is a terrific destination for a family vacation, and what better way to end or begin your trip than in the National Park, where you can observe 27 different types of animals and enjoy a trek through the Park, which is one of the greatest ways to experience the entire National Park.

Dinder National Park

The Nubian Pyramids

The Nubian pyramids in Sudan are an exact duplicate of the Egyptian pyramids and may be found in the Nubian Desert. These, on the other hand, were built some 800 years after the Egyptian pyramids and are significantly smaller. They were built during the Kushite kingdom’s reign, and unlike the pyramids found elsewhere, they were built with bricks, making them distinct from the rest of the country’s pyramids. They are an ideal destination for all travelers, particularly those interested in learning about ancient Sudan. The benefit of visiting these pyramids is that they do not receive a large number of visitors, so you will have the entire place to yourself and your team.

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