A Luxury Gay-friendly Travel in Mauritius Guide, LGBTQ Travel + Destinations

A Luxury Gay-friendly Travel in Mauritius Guide, LGBTQ + Destinations. Everything you need to know about your Luxury Gay-Friendly Travel in Mauritius, LGBTQ+, Lesbian Travel Holidays. Contact The Bespoke African Safari Co. for expert advice and let’s start planning your visit to Mauritius today!

Thinking of a “honeymoon” makes you think of Mauritius. As soon as they step into the powdered beaches of this island of love, they will be captivated. This tropical paradise will win your heart when you’ve seen its underwater wonders as well.

Peak Time: July – Sept, Best Time To Go: Year-round, Famous For: Year-round Sunny Weather, Price Per day: $500 – $3,700, Home Of Beaches and Snorkeling

Why you’ll love it

The honeymoon destination

As a picture-perfect island, Mauritius is the ideal honeymoon spot. Every single day will be absolutely ideal, beginning with the second you open your eyes in the morning and ending with the sun setting over the ocean.

There is a wide variety of activities available, such as snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, visiting botanical gardens and volcanoes, or even visiting local crocodile farms. Although same-sex marriage is not legally recognized on the island, LGBTQ+ residents do have some protections against discrimination, such as in the workplace. The islanders are slowly but surely opening their hearts and homes to the LGBTQ+ community.

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All your Mauritius Gay Travel burning questions answered

How Gay-Friendly Is Mauritius?

Marriages between people of the same sex are not legal and homosexuality is punishable by law in Mauritius. Nonetheless, certain anti-discrimination safeguards are in existence, such as in the workplace. But tourist hotspots are, and always have been, incredibly welcoming to the LGBT community.

Is Mauritius Safe For Gay Couples?

Of course! Despite the fact that homosexuality is illegal in the area, the approved tourist spots are incredibly welcoming to the LGBT community. You should be respectful and refrain from public displays of affection when you arrive and when you go out in public with the locals. Everything changes, though, the moment you return to your five-star resort.

Which Gay-Friendly Destinations Should I Pair With Mauritius?

The Maldives, Seychelles, and Mozambique are all great options for island hopping. No one, gay or straight, should ever pass up the opportunity to visit South Africa! It is sure to satisfy even the pickiest tourist thanks to its abundance of various attractions and Cape Town, the gay capital of Africa. The vacation of your dreams can become a reality with the addition of a luxury Big 5 safari via Botswana and Kruger National Park and a layover in Victoria Falls.

What Are The Best Gay-Friendly Experiences In Mauritius?

Feel free to choose between land and ocean! You can split up into smaller groups and do things like cultural tours, quad biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, or hiking if your friends have different interests. If you are really in need of some relaxation, you can spend the entire day lounging on the beach while receiving an unlimited stream of piña coladas.

What Are The Gay-Friendly Accommodation Options In Mauritius?

Just pick one of the many stunning, ultra-luxurious hotels in Mauritius. With the all-inclusive tariff offered by most resorts, you’re free to splurge all you want!

Tropical island escape

About Mauritius

Whatever your vacation style is—cram as much as you can into each day or take it easy (it is, after all, a vacation, my darling!), Mauritius will accommodate you.

Depending on your mood, you can choose between quad biking, long walks on the endless beaches, or going up mountains. Forts, towers, sugar cane fields, and unidentified shipwrecks abound on the island, sure to pique your interest in history and culture. There is more than enough to do on land, but you shouldn’t neglect what’s happening underwater, either. With its ethereal beauty, vibrant marine life, and crystal-clear blue waters, this place is a surreal snorkeling and diving destination.

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