A Luxury Gay-friendly Travel in Maldives Guide, LGBTQ Travel + Destinations

A Luxury Gay-friendly Travel in Maldives Guide, LGBTQ Travel + Destinations. Generally speaking, well known private resorts in the Maldives are welcoming towards all LGBTQ couples. Everything you need to know about your Luxury Gay-friendly Travel in Maldives. Contact The Bespoke African Safari Co. for expert advice and let’s start planning your visit to Maldives today!

Being “stuck” on a floating resort of luxury is the most romantic thing ever. The Maldives is a picture-perfect destination for honeymooners and families alike. Beaches with the softest sand, world-class snorkeling and diving, and an abundance of exciting activities await you at this location!

Peak Time: Jan – Apr, Best Time To Go: Dec – Apr, Famous For: Blue ocean, white beaches & clean air, Price Per day: $200 – $4,300, Home Of Romance

Why you’ll love it

Local Islamic law in the Maldives makes it illegal to be gay, however foreigners are typically excused when they are in tourist zones. In a similar vein, alcoholic beverages are not only not allowed but also sold in abundance at these resorts!

As a result, you must be courteous when you arrive at the airport, while being transported to your resort, and while exploring the surrounding areas. In any case, once you get to your resort, you can relax and take it easy while you’re there. The seclusion offered by these overwater bungalows is the main selling point for homosexual couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Gay Maldives: what’s it like travelling in the Maldives as a gay couple

All your Maldives Gay Travel burning questions answered

How Gay-Friendly Is The Maldives?

In the Maldives, same-sex marriage is not recognized and homosexuality is banned. While this may be the case for locals, visitors staying in officially designated tourist areas are usually excluded.

Is The Maldives Safe For Gay Couples?

There are specific tourist spots that are really welcoming to homosexual couples, so you may relax as a couple. Be courteous and avoid expressing any signs of affection when you arrive in the Maldives, travel to your resort, and when you are out among locals. Rest assured, you won’t be obligated to refrain from physical contact once you return to your luxurious bungalow!

Which Gay-Friendly Destinations Should I Pair With The Maldives?

The Maldives are the perfect complement to South Africa, Botswana, and Victoria Falls, much like a good bottle of wine. Tanzania and Kenya are also fairly accessible, so you can have a real safari experience in East Africa.

What Are The Best Gay-Friendly Experiences In The Maldives?

The Maldives are the perfect place for those who are born and raised in the water. The warm, blue Indian Ocean begs you to dive in and discover everything it has to offer. Yacht trips and endless days spent on powdery beaches are options for those who would rather remain dry. The throwing of parties was already mentioned, wasn’t it? Lots of places to let loose await you in your tourist hotspots. Visit the capital city of Malé to learn about local culture, but remember to keep your public shows of affection to a minimum.

What Are The Gay-Friendly Accommodation Options In The Maldives?

One must stay in one of the renowned floating bungalows while visiting The Maldives! Imagine having an entire island to yourself, complete with every convenience imaginable. A yacht is another option for those who would rather sleep on the move. If you’d rather not go too far from the path of least resistance, there are plenty of five-star hotels and guesthouses to pick from.

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About Maldives

The Maldives are an archipelago of islands that looks like a beautiful land in its own right, perched on top of an underwater mountain range. Imagine a scene straight out of a postcard: a skyline of coconut trees framed by powdered white beaches. How wonderful is that? I think so!

One of the most famous features of the Maldives is its overwater bungalows, which provide direct access to the inviting Indian Ocean. Intricate coral reefs, underwater caverns, and fish of every hue will enchant snorkelers and scuba divers. Plus, with the exception of the occasional rainstorm, the weather is so great that it’s practically beach weather all year round. Visit Malé, the capital, if you prefer cultural pursuits.

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