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Simbavati Lodge Collection: Our Exclusive Brand Partner. Simbavati Lodge Collection, African Safaris, Reviews, Videos. You’ll enjoy a natural reset when staying at any of the Simbavati Lodge Collection’s locations in some of South Africa‘s most breathtakingly gorgeous, wildlife-rich, and varied environments. Beyond the conveniences and luxuries of Simbavati’s luxury lodges, visitors can expect warm, welcoming service, top-notch cuisine, and life-changing experiences.

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Along with Timbavati and Klaserie, two private game reserves that border the Kruger National Park, Simbavati has nine lodges dispersed around the Cederberg Mountains, the Garden Route, and other regions. Therefore, Simbavati’s portfolio has something for everyone, whether you’re traveling to South Africa for a real safari, breathtaking views, or stunning natural beauty.

Simbavati Lodge Collection Tours & Safaris

Here are a few suggested itineraries for an exclusive and genuine safari with the Simbavati Lodge Collection to get your trip started. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Africa Safari Experts who has visited these locations and has firsthand experience with a Simbavati safari because Kabira specializes in designing custom, individualized experiences from scratch.

Simbavati Lodge Collection Tours & Safaris

South Africa Safari Tours
The amazing biodiversity, animals, rich culture, and sunlight of South Africa have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Cape Town, known as “the Mother City,” was named the world’s best travel destination in 2014. Visiting South Africa on a safari tour is an unforgettable experience.

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The lodges at Simbavati are all distinctive, enticing, and opulent. Both great service and a wealth of contemporary conveniences are guaranteed. When you’re ready to create a seamless schedule of locations and lodges, browse the available lodging at your leisure and get in touch.

Simbavati Lodge Collection Reviews

Africalm is a state of ‘BE-ing’ where body, mind and spirit align. This brings about a joyful presence in each moment, where the essence of life is fully appreciated.

Wonderful stay!

TripAdvisor ratings by The Bespoke African Safari Co.
Client: BevBehrmann
Country: Johannesburg, South Africa

We spent 1 night at Simbavati River Lodge and 1 night at Simbavati Hilltop Lodge due to their current specials. It’s still a splurge for South Africans even at the special rate. The communal areas of River lodge are wonderful, the rooms were lovely, we saw a few antelope right next to our tent and the birdlife in the trees surrounding is incredible. The managers are so friendly and the service was faultless, the staff are really lovely. A highlight was a hyena visiting us in the boma!!! Only downsides: please don’t expect an abundance of wildlife in Timbavati, we did see a pack of wild dogs one day, but besides that we went for 30 minutes at a time on the game drives not even seeing an antelope. Our guide was also very unenthusiastic compared to the guides at Hilltop Lodge which also put a dampener on the experience. The tracker was just as uninterested. Pool area could do with a renovation. Food good. Alcohol nice and cheap! Overall a great stay!
Date of stay: November 2020

Shower with an elephant

TripAdvisor ratings by The Bespoke African Safari Co.
Client: Kerry K
Country: San Francisco, California

It’s hard to compare lodges in the Timbavati private reserve, because who goes to enough to do so? They’re all off the same long access road after a common security checkpoint, many share the same ranch access rights, and most describe themselves in similar ways. Here’s what I can say: thank goodness for the private reserve, the wildlife is safe(r) and abundant and relaxed about people. We saw the Big 5 and the cast of Lion King (or nearabouts) and mothers with babies and behavior you would never see outside the wild. We had baboons and hyenas and warthogs and various boks and more traipse through our camp, so much so that we had to be escorted down a well-lighted path to our tent at night for our own good. We had a group of elephants taking mud baths about 30 yards from our outside shower. When they say the River Lodge is special because the wildlife loves the river, I believe them. One group of guests switched to the more removed Hilltop Lodge when they arrived because they thought it looked fancier, and the pool definitely is from an Instagram perspective. But we weren’t there for the pool and both nearby lodges get in the same type of vehicles and scout the same bush at the same time. Our guide was fantastic, very experienced, we were lucky I think. We learned a ton and some of our favorite moments were just sitting quietly out in the field, waiting and watching and listening and smelling. Our tent was spacious and extremely comfortable, there were plenty of modern luxe details, not sure you could want more luxury in the bush. The food was good and quite remarkable when you consider the effort it takes to serve it to you. We particularly enjoyed the braai (barbecue-like grill) nights. We were happy to hang out in the airy open lodge for WiFi access and roibos tea and chat with the very friendly staff. We thought it was great.
Date of stay: October 2021