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Wild Horizons: Our Powerful Victoria Falls Tour Operator. A whole selection of activities, attractions, transports, and lodging is offered by ecotourism provider Wild Horizons in and near Victoria Falls. They are committed to preserving and promoting this pure natural habitat and operating in the area. The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust was founded by Wild Horizons; it is a nonprofit organization that supports conservation awareness, education, and community empowerment via resource sustainability.

Whether you want to experience an ethical art safari at the Elephant Sanctuary, float along the Chobe River and see fantastical animals gather at its edge, or simply stand in the midst of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Wild Horizons customizes each trip to help you make lifelong memories in Africa.

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The best adventure & activity tour provider in Victoria Falls is Wild Horizons, which has over 256 years of combined expertise. In Victoria Falls, we offer a full selection of activities, attractions, transfers, lodging, and a café. We are the top supplier of adventure sports including gorge swings and white water rafting. We run tours that cover everything from tailored experiences for corporate and incentive groups to cultural excursions, wildlife watching, and ethical wildlife interactions.

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Zimbabwe Tours
The magnificent Victoria Falls may be found in Zimbabwe, making it home to one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Beautiful scenery and excellent game-viewing await you on a safari in Zimbabwe, which is nestled between the huge Zambezi River and the seasonal Limpopo.

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Zambia Tours
Zambia is where the traditional African walking safari originated. It is home to the breathtaking Victoria Falls and the enormous Zambezi River, where adventurous travelers can go white water rafting.

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An organization of highly motivated business specialists is in charge of managing Wild Horizons. They are all actively engaged in and dedicated to offering our visitors and business partners in the tourist sector unmatched service.

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The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust was founded by Wild Horizons, a nonprofit organization that promotes conservation awareness, education, and the empowerment of local indigenous populations via the sustainable use of indigenous resources.

Victoria Falls Reviews

Wild Horizons is Victoria Falls’ premier adventure and activity trip provider, with over 256 years of expertise between its guides. Activities, attractions, transfers, lodging, and a cafe are all available through us at Victoria Falls. White water rafting, gorge swings, and other extreme activities are what we do best. We provide a variety of trips, including those focused on culture, nature, and ethical wildlife contact for business and incentive groups.


TripAdvisor ratings by The Bespoke African Safari Co.
Client: Terry M
Country: Hamilton, Canada

On the Zimbabwean side, the best of the views were the Devil’s Cataract, the Main Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. It was very wet as you headed toward the Eastern Cataract. The amount of mist on the Zimbabwean side negatively impacted pictures. Entry fees was $50 US. While high, you do see more of the scope of Vic Falls. They have to improve the entry flow to the park…tortoise like!
Written 9 July 2023

Falls from Both Sides

TripAdvisor ratings by The Bespoke African Safari Co.
Client: Daryl C
Country: Danville, CA

We toured both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of the falls. September is the tail end of the dry season so the falls are running about 5% of their peak flow. It’s still pretty impressive on the Zimbabwe side. The Zambia side had a few falls running. We were told that during the rainy season the entire 1.7km edge of the falls is a mass of falling white water. Which also makes it much mistier. During the dry season, you’ll get wet at some of the lookouts but it’s not so bad you’ll need a jacket.
Written 2 October 2023